28 Oct

Local Retailer – Press Release – B-Warm

The B-warm Heated Seat Cover

Experts are predicting that Britain is set to face one of its coldest winters for 50 years because of very low temperatures in the Atlantic. Meteorologists fear the weather is expected to have a huge effect on Britain causing, for example, major food and fuel shortages. However, more alarmingly, the big freeze is likely to cause the deaths of thousands of frail and vulnerable people.

Jenny Saunders, chief executive of the National Energy Action (NEA) charity, said: “Government supports in the form of grants for low income households to insulate their homes ended in 2012 and were not replaced. The current situation is putting a huge strain on already stretched resources and services and as a result local health services are struggling to cope with cold-related hospital admissions and repeat GP visits.”

Fortuna Mobility is set to work with the government to try and help minimise the effects of the looming cold winter on the country’s most vulnerable people.

In February this year, the NEA predicted that there would be around 30,000 deaths across the country from people living in cold homes if the government did not act. There is now real concern from a number of organisations including N.I.C.E and Age UK that a lack of previous action in this area means the coming winter may lead to even more cold weather illness and fatalities than normal.  Even if policy changed now it would probably be too late for the kind of the solutions offered in the past, such as loft insulation and double-glazing, to be implemented.

In a crisis such as this, however, there are low-cost solutions that could save lives. As stated in the research, the majority of the victims of ‘cold weather deaths’ are the elderly and disabled. The reason for this is that muscle activity generates natural body heat, and such people don’t benefit from this due to being very inactive. At Fortuna Mobility we believe a solution exists in the form of the B-warm Heated Seat Cover as it was developed to address this very type of problem.


N.I.C.E have agreed the B-Warm is a solution that meets their new cold weather guidelines. “Last month I met with NHS Innovations who have agreed to assist engaging with the likes of Local Authorities and Health and Well Being Boards to raise awareness of the B-Warm as a very cost effective and simple solution to combating ill health from cold homes.  However, perhaps most importantly it is seen as a solution that can be very quick to provide and thus reduce considerably the time and cost of implementation.”

Healthcare professionals have also extolled the benefits of the B-Warm too. Newcastle GP, Dr Anand, said: “Keeping warm is not always easy and for many the cost can be quite high.  I believe The B-Warm Heated Seat Cover is an excellent, effective and very economical way of keeping warm in when temperatures drop.  Not only does the B-Warm protect users from the cold, it can also be very therapeutic as it provides gentle heat to the neck, back and legs.  The benefits of heat therapy are well documented and can help with things like arthritis, back pain, tendinitis, gout and sciatica.”

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