Furniture Raising

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Furniture Risers

Like all the best mobility equipment, furniture risers are extremely simple yet extremely effective. They may not look like much, but these clever little devices will make a huge difference to your daily life – easing your pain, boosting your mobility, and allowing you to retain your independence.

Essentially, furniture risers are solid blocks that physically raise the height of your furniture, making it much easier for you to get up. We have bed raisers to help you get up in the morning, and chair raisers to help you to rise from your chair. Because they’re supported by a solid wooden frame, our furniture risers are 100% safe, sturdy, and reliable.

Anyone with mobility issues will appreciate the vital importance of retaining your independence. And when you’re unable to rise from beds or chairs without assistance, it’s all too easy to feel helpless. But with the right bit of equipment we can make your days much brighter, simply through making it much easier for you to go about your day by yourself.

If you can’t find the mobility aids you need, or if you’ve got something more specific in mind, we have the largest mobility aid showroom in the North London area. It’s no trouble at all for us to order any product from any manufacturer, so why not pop in and see us in person?

Our friendly staff are all trained and experienced mobility experts. They’ll be more than happy to take the time to understand your needs before recommending just the right furniture raising equipment for you.

To book a visit to our Enfield mobility showroom, or to talk to one of our qualified advisors, call us on 020 8344 4820.