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SitnStand – The Portable Smart Rising Seat

Standing from a sitting position may represent a serious challenge to some people especially as we get older -  read more. At Fortuna Mobility we can offer a variety of solutions to meet your particular seating and comfort needs. Recently, SitnStand, a revolutionary new alternative, has been launched in the UK and we are proud to be their retail partner for London.


Why choose SitnStand?

People with difficulty standing up often use a riser-recliner chair, which helps you up to a near-standing position. The SitnStand is designed to inflate and achieve a similar rising effect but is portable and lightweight so you can take it with you when you leave home, for a visit or on holiday.

Another key difference from a riser-recliner chair is that you can use it with your current chair, so if you are only likely to have temporary problem (such as while you're recovering from an operation) you don’t have to swap your existing seat. Similarly, if you have a suite of matching furniture or you want to keep using your sofa, the SitnStand can give you the help with rising that you need, without having to swap seats.

Official Video
Hilary talks SitnStand
Hilary SitnStand
Hilary SitnStand

About SitnStand

This product was developed over a 10-year period before it was considered to be ready for launch, so it is really well designed with a number of great features:

  • It weighs only 3kg and this means it’s easy to carry with hidden handles to easily switch around the house, between any chair, armchair or couch.
  • If you’re planning to go away from home it comes with its own bag, about the size of a large briefcase making it very easy to transport.
  • A key design aim was to make it easy and safe to use. It is controlled with a simple up-down button which allows you to inflate it to four height levels, according to your height and that of the chair.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery capable of working for a week (80-90 inflated rounds). Overnight charging (4-6 hours) means that it will always be available when you need it during the day.

SitnStand Position 1

SitnStand Position 2

SitnStand Position 3

SitnStand Carrier Bag


You can barely feel the seat when it’s deflated and so it’s comfortable for sitting for extended periods of time and therefore can be used by people with limited mobility. SitnStand’s unique ergonomic design makes it suitable for any style of chair, armchair or sofa.

To learn more about the story of how SitnStand was developed over 10 years of research, you can read these short blogs:

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Q. How much does SitnStand cost? Do I need to pay VAT?

A. The Retail price is £380+ VAT. The SitnStand retail price is around half the price of a mid-level Rising Recliner but we would not see it as an alternative to a riser recliner and would usually be bought in addition as it fulfils different functions. If you have a long-term medical condition you do not need to pay VAT. We can help you with the simple paperwork.

Q. Can I try one?

A. Yes. We have a demonstration model in our showroom ready for you to try.

Q. Can I buy it straight away?

A. Yes. We will generally have it available in stock so you can pick it up immediately.

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