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Mobile Hoists in Patient Care

Enhancing Mobility & Safety

The integration of innovative technologies in recent years has improved the quality of care. For instance the widespread availability of electric mobile hoists: mechanical devices designed to lift and transfer patients with limited mobility, facilitating safe and efficient care.


Mobile hoists are designed with a robust frame, typically comprised of a metal or aluminium structure. They are equipped with a lifting mechanism and are used in conjunction with a sling.

Key features:
~ they are mounted on wheels, allowing for easy movin and positioning.
~ the lifting mechanism is usually electric, reducing the strain on carers and ensuring a controlled transfer.
~ some are hinged which allows them to be folded for easier transport or storage.
~ hoists may have either clip or loop fixings for attachment of the sling.

Mobile Hoists can be moved easily to where they're needed

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Mobility: The primary purpose of mobile hoists is to provide a safe and effective means of transferring someone from one location to another. Whether it's moving a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, a chair to a bath, or any other  scenario, mobile hoists facilitate the transfer with minimal physical effort and maximum safety for both patient and carer.

Fall Prevention: A critical advantages of using mobile hoists is the reduction in falls-risk during patient transfers. The secure harnessing systems and controlled lifting mechanisms ensure that patients are lifted and moved in a stable and controlled manner, minimising the chances of accidents.

Lifting from Floor: It may be difficult for some people to lift themselves from the floor following a fall. If you choose the right mobile hoist, these will provide a safe way of lifting them. Learn more 

Adaptability: Mobile hoists are versatile devices that can be adjusted to accommodate patients of varying sizes and needs. The adjustable features of these hoists include, the height and width of the lifting mechanism..

Folding hoists are easier to transport and store

  • Training: Proper training is essential for healthcare professionals to use mobile hoists effectively. Understanding the device's features, safety protocols, and correct operating procedures is crucial for ensuring the well-being of both the patient and the caregiver. Training

  • LOLER Testing and Maintenance: Regular maintenance and inspection of mobile hoists are necessary to ensure their continued functionality and safety. This includes checking the lifting mechanisms, wheels, and overall structural integrity. LOLER

  • Patient Comfort and Slings: While mobile hoists are designed for functionality and safety, considerations for patient comfort should not be overlooked. Ensuring that patients are properly positioned in slings and maintaining clear communication during transfers contributes to a positive patient experience. Slings

Fortuna's unique 'Moving & Handling: One Stop Solutions' service means that we are able to provide an expert comprehensive service taking the effort and risk out of making the right choice for your needs.


Our hoists are all industry-standard,  made by reputable manufacturers. They are selected for their high-quality and functionality.

Examples include:

  • Joerns - OXFORD range
  • Etac - MOLIFT range
  • Invacare - BIRDIE EVO

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Invacare - BIRDIE EVO

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Q. Can I try the equipment before buying it?

A. We offer a wide range of products available for rent, either for periods as short as 2 days to longer than a year.

Q. Why is the price not shown?

A. Much of the equipment that we sell is very specialised and we would always advise that you speak to us before choosing what you purchase.

Q. How can I organise LOLER testing of my equipment?

A. At Fortuna we can arrange LOLER testing on your equipment. If you have any questions at all just contact us 020 8805 2020 or

Q. How can I get my equipment serviced?

A. At Fortuna we can arrange servicing of your equipment. If you bought if from us servicing in the 1st year is FREE and afterwards it is HALF price. If you have any questions at all just contact us 020 8805 2020 or

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