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Cushions & Pillows

Cushions and Pillows might seem to be straightforward, but in fact they can be used for a variety of functions and situations. As well as simply being used for comfort, they may also enhance safety by relieving pressure when sitting to prevent skin damage. Additionally, they can be used to help with positioning and posture (either simply for comfort or as part of a ‘posture management systems’ to help correct complex and intractable medical problems).

1. Comfort and Pressure-relieving Cushions
    a. Comfort (Low-risk users)
    b. Protection (Higher-risk users)

2. Cushions for Specific Uses (Wheelchair / Car / Office Chair)

3. Posture and Positioning
    a. Simple Positioning Cushions and Pillows
    b. Advanced Positioning Systems

Comfort and Pressure-relieving Cushions

a. Cushions to help sit Comfortably

HARLEY CUSHIONS (4 variants)
The Harley Proform pressure relief seat cushions have a nodular 76mm/3” high grade foam filling.  The nodules assist air to circulate freely to help reduce the risk of skin damage. Suitable for low-risk situations. 
Length 43cm (17”) x Width 43cm (17”) x Depth 8cm (3”)

There are four options available in this range, including 3 options with cut-outs to provide more relief where it is needed:
  1. Harley Proform - Standard Cushion
  2. Harley Proform - Ringo Cushion
  3. Harley Proform - Cushion with Coccyx Cut-out
  4. Harley Proform - Cushion with Bonyparts Cut-out

Proform Standard

Profom Ringo


Proform with Coccyx Cut-out


Cushion with Bonyparts Cut-out

The Permapad cushion is a castellated foam cushion to provide even pressure distribution, stability and comfort. The castellated surface help reduce the build-up of heat and moisture.  It has a zipped, multi stretch, vapour permeable cover.

Suitable for low to medium risk situations. Length 43cm (17”) x Width 43cm (17”) x Depth 10cm (4”)


The Dunlopillo Ring Cushion is constructed to mould to the contours of the body and reduce painful pressure points. It helps provide support while offering a comfortable seating option. The ring cushion reduces pressure on the buttocks, lower back and specifically the coccyx, offering longer tension-free seating.



b. Cushions for Protection (Higher-risk users)

In certain situations, people may be at risk of skin damage, which if neglected can lead to deep ulcers. It is important to seek advice from health care professionals on the management of potential risk factors, however pressure management with the use of specifically designed cushions can help provide protection.

Visit our webpage to learn more about our range of advanced pressure management range, which includes cushions from Alerta (Sensaflex), Apex (air cushions) and ROHO.

Cushions for Specific Uses (Wheelchair / Car / Office Chair)

These wheelchair cushions are designed to make travelling in a wheelchair more comfortable but can also provide extra support and comfort at home and in cars.  It has a wipe-clean, black vinyl cover and foam inner with generous memory foam topper.

The Lumbar ('D' type) Roll is ideal on a flat backed seat such as a car or office chair to provide back support and align the spine into its natural S shape. The lumbar roll is easily portable. Size: 28cm (11") long

The designer wedge cushion is ideal when a little support is required to ease muscle tension in the lumbar region. It assists in keeping the natural S shape of the spine.  Available with optional coccyx cut out and/or fixing strap

Moulded to the same ergonomic shape, the cold cast polyurethane foam makes this ideal for those who prefer a firmer back support. Size: 30cm (12”) x 21cm (8”)

Posture and Positioning

a. Simple Positioning Cushions and Pillows

The Bed Wedge Cushion has been designed to provide upright or reclining support and is ideal for use in a bed or flat surface. It is made from a high density foam polyurethane foam providing a stable and supportive aid to also elevate the upper body or the legs.  It comes complete with a removable, washable cotton.
Length 60cm (23.5”) x Width 60cm (23.5”) x Tallest Point 26cm (10”)

The ergonomically-designed foam Leg Raiser helps to provide support and relieve swollen legs by stimulating circulation; it is ideal for use in a bed or flat surface and features a high density foam base with a memory foam topper.

The V-Shaped Pillow is designed to fully support your head and the sides of your neck for ultimate comfort and offers different positioning options.  Covers for the cushion are available and sold separately.

This simple but effective knee support helps to alleviate pressure between the knees and ankles by providing gentle cushioning and by creating space between the legs. By helping to keep the lower body in proper alignment and its natural S shape it can reduce strain on the lower back.  Made from polyurethane foam it is ideal for those with hip problems as it helps overstretched muscles, ligaments and tendons reducing aches and pains. Size: 26 x 26cm


b. Advanced Positioning Systems

The HUGGA modular sleeping and positioning system for users with complex needs is usually prescribed in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Visit our web page to learn more about HUGGA.

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