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The HUGGA Sleep System

Postural management and pressure care are vitally important to the well being of many patients.  A variety of options exist for daytime posture management, however there have been fewer systems available to help patients while they sleep.

Research indicates that sleep systems can reduce tone, prevent or delay contractures and/or structural deformity, help improve respiratory function and reduce the risk of tissue damage. The HUGGA Sleep System was developed, in partnership with neuro physiotherapists (and other healthcare professionals specializing in postural management) specifically to address this need for 24/7 care.

The HUGGA Sleep System is suitable for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, care homes or even in a domestic environment. The system can assist with neuro rehabilitation, stroke management, palliative care and many other conditions.

HUGGA provides a cost effective, simple to use, universal system which is already in use in many major hospital trusts across the UK.

The Product

The HUGGA Plus Sleep System can be supplied either as a complete system or as individual components and comes in 3 sizes. There are also a variety of sheets and accessories available according to the needs of the user.

  • Fitted Velcro Sheet that fits tightly onto the bed and can be secured with toggles. It is machine washable up to 80oc.
  • Head Support for patient comfort at all times.
  • The Bridge (set) - supports the legs when the user is laying on their side, facilitating airflow and reducing pressure on the feet, knees and hips.
  • Pelvic Pad (set) - maintains a neutral pelvic position.
  • Thorax Support (set) - supports the trunk and pelvis.
  • The Blocker (set) - supports the legs and relieves pressure on the knees and hips.
  • Leg guides (set) - go over the knee to maintain correct leg position on the Blocker.
  • Double Edge Wedge (set) - supports the feet and reduces the tendency to pathological ankle hyperextension.

  • HUGGA 1, suitable for children aged approximately 2- 8 years. 
  • HUGGA 2, suitable for children from approximately 8 years through to adolescence.
  • HUGGA 3, suitable for most adults.

Learn how the HUGGA Sleep System works and how to position the components:

Hugga Sleep System Instructional Video
Hugga Sleep System Instructional Video


  • Standard 3ft - a fitted sheet that can be secured with a toggle. 
  • Anti-Ping - a flat sheet with elastic straps at each corner, designed for airflow mattresses. 
  • Air Flow 3ft - a deeper, fitted sheet with a buckle across the middle. It is suitable for an airflow mattress. 
  • Bespoke sheets can be provided on request.
  • HUGGA Slide Sheet - a 4-way slide sheet compatible with our HUGGA Sleep Systems.

  • Day-time Positioning Mat – this foldable play-mat allows the client to use the HUGGA during the day. This is ideal for schools and day centres.
  • Day-time Positioning Sheets - velcro sheets designed for use with the Day-time Positioning Mat.
  • Abduction/Adduction rolls – can be made to measure.
  • Leg Rolls – can be made to measure to provide extra support where high tone and limited range are problems.
  • Bespoke Cushions – such as wedges, T-rolls and pillows


See how the HUGGA Slide Sheet can facilitate single handed moving and handling:

Hugga Slide
Hugga Slide
The Onion  (Universal T-roll)
  • The Onion System comprises easy to remove layers which makes it highly adaptable. This offers significant advantages over traditional T-rolls:
    • it reduces the risk of choosing the wrong size.
    • the Onion System can be adapted throughout the life of the user, making it ideal for children.
  • Helps manage adduction and control posture and position of the body in supine lying.
  • It can be wiped clean.
  • It can be purchased as a set or by individual parts.



The Onion
The world's first universal T-roll makes the Onion perfect from paediatrics all the way through to adulthood



The Onion
All three arms of the Onion can be independently configured to optimize the user position for whilst supine

Benefits of the HUGGA Sleep System

  • Improves function, communication and cognitive skills.
  • Users have shown greater participation with the environment.
  • Improves user comfort.
  • Can reduce or delay muscle contractures and joint problems.
  • May reduce the need for corrective surgery.
  • Supports the body over an extended period making it more susceptible to corrective forces.
  • It is designed for ease of application and position changes.
  • It suitable both for adults and children.

The HUGGA demonstrated in supine

The HUGGA Sleep System can offer postural support in both supine and side-lying positions, in adults or children

The HUGGA Sleep System can offer postural support in both supine and side-lying positions, in adults or children


Useful publications:  

Guide to 24hr Postural Care - additional information on ‘24-hour postural care’ for individuals, families and practitioners. Case studies are included to illustrate how the HUGGA system can benefit individuals.

The OT Magazine - read an independent review of the HUGGA system published in The OT Magazine.
(November / December 2018 [Page 23])

Training for Professionals

We can offer CPD training for healthcare professionals and carers working in hospitals, rehabilitation centres as well as nursing and care homes. Options include shorter training sessions or ‘Training Days’ in which topics can be covered in greater depth.

Training Sessions

We can come to one of your team meetings and provide a free hands-on session which includes how to assess using the HUGGA. If you wish we could provide refreshments and schedule it as a ‘Lunch and Learn’ lasting around an hour.

Training Days

These bring together experts in posture management to cover topics such as:

  • The importance of support in the lying position.
  • The link between sitting and lying.
  • The assessment process.
  • Product application and case studies.
  • Demonstration of the HUGGA Sleep System and Slide.

To find out more about arranging training for you and your team please call us on 020 8805 2020, or email


Our experienced representatives can offer free assessments to allow you to decide whether the HUGGA will be of benefit.

At Fortuna we have wide experience of posture management, pressure care and manual handling so we can also advise on other equipment, in addition to HUGGA, which may help with user needs. Examples include Careflex portachairs, pressure care mattresses, pressure relieving cushions, as well as hoists, slings and slides etc. If you wish, we can arrange a joint assessment, involving more than one specialist from our team as well as the key healthcare professionals, to provide integrated advice on different aspects of care.

Please contact us to book in an appointment. You can call us now on 020 8805 2020, or email


What professionals have to say about HUGGA......

"As a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist who works with postural management equipment on a daily basis, I have found that the Hugga sleep-system provides an excellent cost-effective solution for clients with altered postures.  For me, the key features for an effective system is compliance and comfort for the client whilst optimising their postures, and acceptance and ease of application for the nursing team. The Hugga sleep-system achieves this at a very competitive price.”  
Simon Berrell MCSP. Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

"Using The Hugga system has resulted in demonstrable and measurable clinical improvements, protection or maintenance of body shape for my clients. It's design and ease of use provides a cost effective and simple but highly effective solution to postural care. Compliance is exceptionally high because the client finds it comfortable and acceptable and because informal or commissioned carers find it easy to use, reducing carer stress and time demands."
Aurndra Golden Occupational Therapist

"People with severe and complex neurological disability often require a holistic approach to help manage their postural problems. The “Hugga” is a simplistic approach to night time postural support and is readily accepted by the user; carers find it easy to use and it is flexible in terms of side and supine lying.”
Gail Russell, Occupational Therapist

“I have tried other sleep-systems which all have their negative features and a high price. The Hugga however provides a high level of support and comfort that I require whilst maintaining “airflow” around my body”.  
Client Mr W H

“The Hugga sleep-system is easy to apply and my client looks very comfortable lay in a symmetrical and supported position whilst using it.  If he coughs or spasms the system is flexible enough to allow the movement to occur, and then return to the optimal position. After rejection of other systems, my client loves the Hugga and uses it every day”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to try the HUGGA Sleep System before making a decision?

A. Our Trusted Assessors will bring the HUGGA to the user for an assessment. Alternatively, come to our showroom to try it out and experience some of the other equipment solutions that we are able to provide.

Q. Can Fortuna advise on equipment for posture management and pressure care, other than sleep systems?

A. Yes, we have wide experience of posture management, pressure care and manual handling with specialists in each area. Contact us for further information.

Q. Can the HUGGA Sleep system be used by both adults and children?

A. The HUGGA system is easy to use and highly adaptable. Components are available in 3 sizes so it be used across a wide spectrum of ages and sizes.

Q. Is the HUGGA system washable?

A. Yes, the HUGGA components are covered with Dartex® which means that they easy to clean. Washing Instructions.

Q. Is VAT payable if purchased privately?

A. If the patient has a long-term medical condition they do not need to pay VAT on most products that we sell. We can advise on this and help with the simple paperwork.

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