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You can arrange for us to fulfill a TCES prescription in Enfield by completing the TCES Prescription Form on this page. The following information will help us process the prescription as quickly and efficiently as possible:

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Notes on Product Ordering

If a delivery is required please add a delivery code: DEL01. If this is not added. the prescription will not be processed. This is not required if the product is being collected.
Walking Frames
The following table gives information on the best way to prescribe the following types of adjustable height walking frames:
Use the following codes:
Please do NOT use the following codes
Wheeled Walking Frame - STANDARD
MO30 (specify S/M/L)
MO03 / MO04 / MO05
Wheeled Walking Frame NARROW 
MO32 (specify S/M/L)  
Walking Frame (NON-WHEELED)
MO29 (specify S/M/L)
M018 / MO28 / MO09 / MO10 / MO11
Commode Buckets
Please use TA13 (not TA18)
Toilet Frames
Please use BTA02 (not TA05)


TCES Prescription Form


Unavailable codes:

Unfortunately we will no longer be able to provide the following items on prescription:

BA01  ~  Bath Board Standard 4 Slatted 26 Inch
BA02  ~  Bath Board-4 Slats 27In
BA13  ~ Shower Chair Adjustable Height
BE06  ~  Bed Cradle 
FU11  ~ Perching Stool, Arms Only
MO02  ~ Ferrule (ALL Sizes) Available to purchase for £2.50 ex VAT - Retail
MO06L  ~ Lightweight Aluminium 3-Wheeled Rollator (MO06 remains available)
TA03  ~ Toilet Seat - Raised 6In
BA03  ~ Bath Board 4 Slats-28In
BA07 ~ Bath Seat 6In
FU09  ~ Cantilever Table (FU10 is an alternative)


If you have any questions or wish to clarify some aspect of the prescription, please contact us on 020 8805 2020 (Option 3 for direct line) or

To find out more about TCES, as well as our other services that maybe useful for Healthcare Professionals, visit our webpage: Healthcare Professionals and Carers

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Out of Stock:  


The TCES Team      9th January 2023  


ORNAMIN: Intelligent Tableware

Ornamin products incorporate intelligent, hidden design features to help users feed themselves

The stylish designs help remove the stigma of using ‘special’ crockery.

This high-quality tableware made of  BPA-free plastic which is:
- break-resistant 
- long lasting
- light
- quiet to use
- 100% recyclable

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.”  Irish Proverb

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