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CareFlex have been producing specialist seating since 1995 and are leaders in the field of tailored seating solutions. Fortuna is a preferred Careflex partner dealing with enquiries in London, north of the river.

What is Specialist Seating?

Recommending a specialist seat involves four key factors:

 ~ Comfort
 ~ Independence
 ~ Posture
 ~ Pressure relief

Maximising comfort and independence are obvious benefits to the user.

Postural Management involves measures to reduce the likelihood of postural deterioration (which brings with it the risk of pain, fatigue, contractures and deformities, poor physiological function, deteriorating health, decreased function and independence, social isolation, and ultimately reduced quality of life).

Pressure care is a crucial aspect of specialist seating, as posture and positioning have a direct influence on the pressure going through specific body sites. High interface pressures over prolonged periods of time causes the skin and underlying tissues to become compressed; consequently, blood cannot circulate, and the cells do not get their vital oxygen and nutrients, resulting in cell death. The body can only withstand high interface pressures for short periods, and when the pressure is not regularly relieved injury will occur. CareFlex WaterCell Technology®, which is standard in all adult seats, helps reduce the risk of pressure ulcers by encouraging equal weight distribution of the individual in the chair over the maximum surface area. Tilt-in-space and AutoTilt functions can encourage pressure redistribution and relief as part of a pressure management care plan.

Careflex Blogs – a useful resource

The Careflex website features a number of informative blogs, ranging from the more academic, such as this one on evidence-based practice: BLOG: What is Evidence Based Practice through to the more practical BLOG: Clinician and Careflex Partnership (co-presented by Les Jones who works closely with us to provide advice and support in more complex cases).

Careflex Seats

At Fortuna Mobility, we offer the full range of Careflex seats, but you can see the following in our showroom at any time.

  • HydroCare - a simple but effective portachair which offers excellent comfort and support.
  • HydroTilt - a tried and tested portachair with tilt-in-space function.
  • HydroFlex - a highly adaptable portachair for more complex postural and pressure needs.
  • SmartSeatPro - this ultra-adaptable modular chair is suited to the most complex clinical situations.


The HydroCare, is a simple and cost-effective portachair, offering comfort and support for those in need of stability and safety. It is ideally suited to the needs of older people in car homes, or those in a palliative care setting and may be useful in people who retain some degree of mobility. Examples of conditions which may result in the need for a HydroCare chair include: frailty, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, osteoporosis, pelvic instability, severe kyphosis, generalised weakness or fatigue.

Key features include:

  • Seat height and width can be adjusted to properly fit a wide range of people.
  • The back rest can be reclined for the user’s comfort and relaxation.
  • WaterCell Technology is incorporated to help reduce the risk of pressure injury.
  • An adjustable angle seat reduces the risk of the user sliding down the chair, minimising ‘sacral sitting’.
  • A sliding padded foot plate supports and protects the user’s feet when the seat is moving.
  • There are 9 combinations of seat height and width available, to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • A ‘Block Leg Rest’ can be purchased as an extra, to provide additional elevation and comfort.
  • The HydroCare is also designed to be easy to use: four fully braked twin wheel castors distribute the chair’s weight making it easier to manoeuvre.


The HydroTilt is a tried and tested chair, which is suitable for a wide range of seating needs, in all domestic, health and care environments. It is offered in mini, small, medium and large sizes and its modular design ensures that it can be easily tailored to the individual.


Key features include:

  •  A choice of back supports, including flat, contoured and waterfall back rest cushions and the option to add adjustable lateral support, ensures optimum trunk support for the user.
  • Tilt-in-Space improves pelvic stability without affecting the user’s hip and knee angles.
  • Integral pressure management with WaterCell Technology and adjustable seat depth encourages maximum support and equal weight distribution.
  • A negative angle leg rest facilitates standing and offers a more comfortable seating position for users with tight hamstring muscles or knee contractures.
  • The flip-up angle adjustable foot plate accommodates fixed deformities at the ankle whilst supporting the foot.
  • Infection control is built into the design of seat, with infection control covers, plastic profile fittings and zips, instead of Velcro, and minimised exposed seams.


The HydroFlex, is a flexible rehabilitation chair which offers high levels of adaptability for those with more complex posture and pressure management needs. 

The wide variety of possible positions, and the comprehensive range of options, mean the chair can be used to manage specific postural challenges or form part of a rehabilitation programme.

Key features include:

  • Back angle recline adjusts the angle between the chair and seat back promoting comfort, relaxation.
  • Tilt-in-Space improves pelvic stability without affecting the user’s hip and knee angles.
  • Integral pressure management with WaterCell Technology and adjustable seat depth encourages maximum support and equal weight distribution.
  • The articulating head section allows for specific profiling of the back of the chair to accommodate more complex head positions and an increased thoracic kyphosis.
  • The elevating channel leg rest with integral foot plate provides comfortable lower limb positioning whilst maintaining alignment and stability.
  • The HydroFlex has an ergonomic push handle for safe and easy handling of the chair.


The SmartSeatPro, has a revolutionary modular design which takes specialist seating to the next level. It permits a high level of adjustment tailored to the needs of individuals with complex posture and pressure management problems.

SmartSeatPro (Paediatric)

Paediatric SmartSeatPro




Key features include:

  • A unique easy to use multi-adjustable back, with three upper back rest components which can be configured in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation and adjusted for improved lateral support. In addition, the lumbar section that can be altered to the needs of the user.
  • ‘Back angle recline’ and ‘Tilt-in-space’ functions.
  • WaterCell Technology  for integral pressure management.
  • A simple single-handed system for easier width adjustment.
  • A full-width independently elevating and floating-tracking leg rest.

The SmartSeatPro is available in both adult and paediatric sizes.

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