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Comfort and Pain Relief

At Fortuna Mobility, we understand that many of our customers experience discomfort and pain in their everyday lives. To help manage this, we supply a range of products which can improve comfort.


However, is important to realise that even when your choosing a product for something other than pain relief, getting the right one can make huge difference to your comfort: for instance, if you buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit, they’ll be uncomfortable. The wrong seating, wheelchairs, beds and walking sticks (amongst other things) can potentially cause discomfort, therefore we would always advise that come in and try out a product before you buy it.


Some of our products are designed to deal primarily with specific problems but can also improve your comfort:

  • Sandpiper specialist wide-fitting slippers, sandals, shoes and boots, for swollen or sensitive feet.
  • Fortuna Insoles and Gel Toe Care products.
  • Fortuna Supports – our sister company Fortuna Healthcare is the leading distributor of orthopaedic supports to independent pharmacists in the UK. You can see a wide variety of Fortuna Supports, Splints, Slings and Collars in our showroom. Our supports are made for all parts of the body and including Neoprene, Elasticated, Extra Wide Fit and Specialist types. Come and see us or call us on 020 8805 2020 for more information.
  • Fortuna Activity Gloves – with enhanced grip these can be used for everyday activities but are also particularly suited to people with discomfort in their hands as they compress and warm the hands relieving symptoms.
  • Cushions, such as memory foam horseshoe neck cushions, which can make a long journey more comfortable or pressure-relieving cushions.


Comfort and pain can be improved by the use of heat and cold, depending on the circumstances some of the following products which we stock may really help you.

  • Fortuna Ice Spray
  • Fortuna Hot / Cold Packs
  • Fortuna Hot water bottles
  • Fortuna Wheat bags
  • Fortuna Heat patches
  • B-warm heated seat cover



We also stock products designed specifically for pain management such as

  • TENS machines which have an effect by small electrical impulses delivered via pads which attach to the user’s skin, causing the body to produce endorphins, which are natural pain relievers
  • Paingone Pen - this popular pain relief product is portable and fast-working, making it perfect for use anywhere, anytime. It works by delivering a controlled electronic frequency to the source of your pain, stimulating the area and providing often instant pain relief. The Paingone Pen is a natural and drug-free method of pain relief.

Pay us a visit to find out more about our pain relief products, and how they could help you. Our expert, fully trained members of staff are on-hand to talk you through our products and answer any questions you have, to make sure you find exactly the solution you need. We have plenty of FREE PARKING on-site, as well as level access facilities.

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