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LEA Portachair

An all-purpose portachair to cover most complex requirements

The LEA portachair is our standard seat, providing excellent performance with good value. It's designed for people with limited mobility, who require a combination of comfort, pressure management and postural positioning.

Our expert seating advisors will be able to make an assesment of what is required in terms of size, configuration and accessories. 

Change a Seat, Change a Life

Lateral Back

2-Tier Drop Back
A classic fibre back cushion for high comfort. It is fully adjustable with zip access at the rear to offer tailored back support

Vertical 2-Tier Drop Back
This comfortable fibre-filled back can adapted to help reduce pressure around the mid-back, particularly with more complex postural needs such as scoliosis and kyphosis

3-Tier Drop Back
Each fibre-filled cushion can be individually adjusted via zipped rear access, providing comfort and bespoke support. It can help with complex postural needs like scoliosis and kyphosis

Foam Lateral Back
A firm foam-filled Lateral Back,
with a soft fibre-filled headrest, to help promote good posture by maintaining a healthy mid-line position from the hips upwards,

Features & Accessories

Complete Tilt-in-Space Technology

The Lea has an in-built Tilt-in-Space movement, controlled using the rear push handle. This allows the chair to be reclined in a range of positions while maintaining a constant back angle to redistribute pressure, while maintaining the angles at the hips, knees and ankles.

Pressure Care

Using a vapour-permeable removable seat wrap allows alternative pressure care foams, cushions and gels to be incorporated in the seat offering low to high pressure care options to the user.


Postural Management

Using interchangeable back and pressure seating options the user can achieve the most comfortable sitting positions and to achieve the correct posture, even for users with complex needs such as scoliosis or kyphosis.

If posture changes over time, our seating specialists can alter the shape of existing cushions or, if necessary, recommend an entirely different backrest.

Interchangeable seat module
Posture Visco, Gel, Air and Dynamic Air options can be added

Key Benefits of the Lea Portachair

Horseshoe Headrest

  • Anti-bacterial breathable Dartex fabric
  • Tilt-in-Space
  • Tilt Safety Lock Feature
  • Easy Lay-flat CPR Positioning
  • Pressure care foam
  • Choice of colours
  • Adaptable sizing
  • Adaptable cushions
  • Adjustable footplate
  • Adjustable Seat Depth Facility
  • UK made
  • 5- year frame warranty

Padded Belt

Bespoke Solutions

Our expert seating advisors will be able to make an assesment of what is required in terms of size, configuration and accessories. A chair will then be manufactured matching the size, posture and pressure needs of the user.


Portachair Rental

For some people renting may be a better than buying. We have a wide range of rental seats available.

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