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Specialist Wheelchairs

At Fortuna Mobility, we understand that for many people, a wheelchair can make a big difference to independence, freedom, comfort and ease when getting out and about. We think it’s extremely important that you choose the right wheelchair for your needs. Our range of standard wheelchairs have been selected for their comfort, ease of use, reliability and easy maintenance.

However, some people have more specialized needs and we can supply wheelchairs for most situations. The main types are:
    ~ Tilt in Space wheelchairs
    ~ Bespoke (or made to measure)
    ~ Paediatric 
    ~ Powered (including folding powerchairs)

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

Tilt in Space wheelchairs, as their name implies, will tilt backwards whilst raising the legs for users to assist pressure relief and safety.

Those who sit in a wheelchair over longer periods, for instance following a serious stroke or the onset of severe dementia, are at an increased risk of developing sacral pressure sores; tilt in space wheelchairs are particularly useful in this situation.

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs come in variety of models and sizes. In our showroom you can see lightweight folding wheelchairs which are ideal for transporting by car, or heavier wheelchairs which are set up for enhanced comfort. If required, we can provide accessories such as:

  • Pressure- relieving cushions, according to the user’s pressure risk. 
  • Elevated leg rests, if the use has a problem with their leg.

Choosing the right Tilt in Space wheelchair is not straightforward and we would always recommend that you contact us to arrange a proper assessment by an experienced member of our team (we also welcome input from healthcare professionals and are happy to carry out joint assessments).


Self-propelled Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Lightweight Folding Transit Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Bespoke Chair

Bespoke (Made to Measure) Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are mainly used by those who are in their wheelchair for most of the day and are set up to the user’s exact wishes. The chairs are generally ultra-lightweight and can be configured differently according to whether manoeuvrability or comfort and stability are the prime requirement. 

The range of options is huge and includes: height, weight, cushioning, lateral support, footplates, wheels, grip and more. They can also be set up as attendant or purely self-propelled.

These chairs are sophisticated and highly bespoke therefore a thorough assessment by an expert is essential. Phone us to arrange a visit.

Paediatric Wheelchairs

At Fortuna Mobility we stock transit, self-propelled and tilt in space wheelchairs in paediatric sizes but if something more specific is needed we can provide advice and arrange an assessment and have the wheelchair made to measure.

To view our specialist wheelchairs, and try them out for yourself, come and visit us at our mobility showroom in Enfield, north London. There is ample free parking available for our visitors and plenty of choice!

Whether it is a manual or powered wheelchair you are looking for, we’re confident our expert team will be able to recommend the right chair for you. You will potentially spend long periods of time in your wheelchair and that is why finding the right solution is so important!

If, for any reason, you are unsure of purchasing immediately, we also arrange a rental option. We also have plenty of wheelchair accessories to choose including cushions, storage bags, umbrellas, gloves, ponchos through to the sophisticated Armon zero-gravity dynamic arm and many more.

For your peace of mind, most of our wheelchairs come with 1-2 year warranties and one months free insurance. Pay us a visit at our mobility showroom in Enfield, where our friendly team will be happy to talk you through our wheelchair ranges. Or call us on 020 8805 2020.

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