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MEDWAY Portachair

The Medway portachair is one of the most adaptable chairs available. It is designed for people with limited mobility, who require a combination of comfort, pressure management and postural positioning.

Because of it's high level of adaptability the Medway is particularly suited to those with evolving clinical needs, rental and seating assessments, where it can help our seating specialists to tailor our recommendations according to the individual's size and posture needs.

One of the most adaptable chairs available



Key Benefits of the Medway Portachair

  • Anti-bacterial breathable Dartex fabric
  • Tilt-in-Space
  • Tilt Safety Lock Feature
  • Easy Lay-flat CPR Positioning
  • Hoist friendly
  • Slimline design for narrow doors
  • Adaptable sizing
  • Adaptable cushions
  • Adjustable footplate
  • Adjustable Seat Depth Facility
  • Choice of colours
  • 5- year frame warranty

UK made


Operational Handle
Heavy duty grab bar with additional rubber grips and locking control paddle for recline and TIS operations.

Lockable Castors
For easy, safe transport

Leg Lift Operation
A leg lift clasp is located on the outside of the arm, allows the carers to elevate the legs.

Height & Angle Adjustable Footplate
An adjustable footplate helps users with unequal leg length or with restricted ankle movement. 


Complete Tilt-in-Space Technology

The Medway has an in-built Tilt-in-Space movement, controlled using the rear push handle. This allows the chair to be reclined in a range of positions while maintaining a constant back angle to redistribute pressure while maintaining the angles at the hips, knees and ankles.


Torso Cell Adjustment (1)
Inserts can be used to adjust the contours of the back.

Posture and Pressure Management

Allows the ability to adjust the contoursof the back by use of foam inserts, to maximise support where needed.

  • Pressure care foam
  • Medium Pressure Risk as Standard.
  • Pressure Care Options Available.
  • Interchangeable Back and Head Support Options

Torso Cell Adjustment (2)
Foam inserts can maximise support where needed.

Posture Visco Back
This contoured backrest provides extra pressure relief. In additition a high risk gel overlay is  available.

Interchangeable seat module
This allows for Posture Visco, Gel, Air and Dynamic Air options to be added with ease.

Soft Profiled Head Support
A contoured soft pillow to fit shoulders and neck, providing a supportive head position.

Adjustable Arm Width
By swapping the width of the chair can quickly and easily altered.

Bespoke Solutions
Our expert seating advisors will be able to make an assesment of what is required in terms of size, configuration and accessories. A chair will then be manufactured matching the size, posture and pressure needs of the user.




Portachair Rental

For some people renting may be a better than buying. We have a wide range of rental seats available.

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The River Medway

The River Medway is the second largest river in southern England after the Thames.

It was originally called the Vaga by the ancient Britons. Later, the Saxons added the syllable mad, meaning “middle”, as the river ran through the middle of the kingdom of Kent. The Medwege evolved into the modern name, Medway.

The Medway is said to divide the county of Kent into two parts : those born in West Kent – are labelled Kentish Men while those from East Kent are Men of Kent.

The river joins the Thames Estuary at Chatham, site of the Royal Navy dockyard established by Henry VIII.

The novelist Charles Dickens lived at Chatham from 1817 to 1821 and the district is featured in many of his novels.

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