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Seahorse Plus

Fortuna Mobility Centre is London’s largest independent living centre and we are able to carry out assessments, at our showroom or at the user’s own home in collaboration with healthcare professionals throughout London and the surrounding region.


The Seahorse Plus has been developed from the highly successful Seahorse Sanichair. Improvements have been made to functionality whilst retaining the key strengths of the original Seahorse design.

It is a ‘3 in 1’ Shower Chair, Toileting Chair and Commode, which can be purchased in 3 chair sizes.

Using the Seahorse Plus - 3 Functions

The Seahorse Plus is a 3 in 1 Shower Chair, Toileting Chair and Commode. It is designed to be supportive and safe whilst at the same time being highly adjustable, to make the bathing experience easier for both the user and carer. The chair is made from high quality plastic and aluminium, so it is light, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. It can be specified in 3 chair sizes suitable for children from age 5 right through to young adults, with the added potential to make further adjustments to achieve a really good fit as the child grows.

  1. Shower Chair – there are 4 positions of Tilt-In-Space with an ‘easy tilt’ operation to facilitate showering and bathing.
  2. Toileting Chair - the Seahorse Plus has a generous aperture and height adjustable frame to accommodate most standard toilets.
  3. Commode – a sliding, large capacity potty can be easily removed from the rear for emptying.

Flexible Sizing

The size if the Seahorse Plus is determined by:

  1. Chair size
  2. Liner thickness
  3. Built in size adjustments

Chairs sizes – there are 3 chair sizes:

  • Small - suitable for children aged 5-10 years (age range is guidance only) (maximum user weight up to 64kg/10 stone)
  • Medium - suitable for children aged 10-15 years (age range is guidance only) (maximum user weight up to 102kg/16 stone)
  • Large - suitable for children aged 15-18 years (age range is guidance only) (maximum user weight up to 152kg/ 24 stone)

Removable two-piece (seat and back) liners make the experience more comfortable and aid relaxation. The use of liners of different thickness permits greater precision in fitting the seat to the user. In addition, this system is flexible:  as the child grows, the liner can simply be replaced with the next size so a good fit is maintained.

The liners are modular according to the seat size with differing thicknesses available:

  • Small Chair - 2 sizes available (Size 1 Thick or Size 2 Thin)
  • Medium Chair - 2 sizes available (Size 3 Thick or Size 4 Thin)
  • Large Chair – 3 sizes available (Size 5 Thick or Size 6 Thin or Size 7 Extra Thick)

Built in Size Adjustment
Easy positional adjustments can be made for key parts of the Seahorse Plus so the user is supported comfortably and safely:

  • 100mm height adjustment.
  • Height and depth adjustable headrest.
  • Height adjustable flip-up footrests with foot straps.


Seahorse Plus

Locking Handles


Removable Potty

Other Features

Tilt in Space Function

  • Gas assisted 400 Tilt-In-Space mechanism.
  • Safe and easy tilting of the seat with the child in the chair, making showering and hair washing easier.
  • Simple push button locking tilting mechanism for ease of use and safety.

Basic Features

  • Large removable potty (under pan) for easy cleaning.
  • Height and depth adjustable, swivel headrest. Contoured for comfort and support for users
  • A soft pommel provides security but is removable so the child can get on and off the seat with ease
  • Large castors with brakes for ease of movement; these are independently braked and non-marking
  • Independent height adjustable footrest with foot straps
  • Lapbelt  
  • Arm rests

Height Adjustable, Flip-up Footrests

Anterior Support

Chest harness

Butterfly Harness

Other options which can be specified in different sizes

  • Removable flip-up Anterior Supports 
  • Chest Harness
  • Butterfly Harness

For further information see Seahorse Plus Instructions.

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