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About the inmuTM





The inmu makes sense! It’s extremely simple, so anyone can pick it up and start using it. There are no confusing buttons, remote controls, or apps: just touching the inmu starts the music, while putting it down gradually stops the music again.

The inmu has been designed to be practical in the real world and it’s made to be used. The inmu is:
• made of high-quality material
• tough, and can be dropped or stood on without breaking
• built to last - the expectation is that inmus will last for many years - all those we've sold are still going strong!
• hygienic - the cover can easily be removed and washed, while the core is water repellent and can be wiped with disinfectant.
• for clinical environments, PU (polyurethane) covers are now available which are machine washable up to 95⁰C; they are water repellent and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, 70-85% alcohol or disinfectant wipes.
• always ready – the long-lasting rechargeable battery should last 2-3 weeks between charges.


The award-winning design is a beautiful object made of comforting fabrics with small tactile elements that are made to be explored and incorporate a pocket or elastic belt. The inmu is easy to handle and fits anyone’s hands or can be hugged close to the body,

The main element to the inmu is music. The inmu is the first sensory stimulation tool to use interactive music. Through advanced patented software and sensor technology, a computer inside the inmu transforms touch and movement into a unique musical soundscape, which is literally composed in the user’s hands. The inmu also generates gentle vibrations which follow the music and promote comfort and well-being.


There are 2 models, with different musical styles, fabric, and tactile elements. They interact differently so the choice depends on the user and goals:

1. inmuRELAX - the soft fabric and gentle tones have a relaxing and soothing effect. Touch the inmuRELAX softly and it will play soft and quiet music; swing it and it produces a ‘stardust’ sound, while quicker movements will bring more musical elements in from the ‘orchestra’. It can be used to reduce arousal and help with sleeping problems, making it especially suitable for people with dementia, stress or agitation.

2. inmuDANCE – is designed to encourage movement. It translates touch and movement into music and soft vibrations which encourage further movement, setting up positive feedback. An elasticated strap across the back makes it easy to hold. It can be used for cognitive and movement therapy as well as for sensory stimulation to increase neural arousal.



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inmu – The Evidence

The R&D team at inmu has been collaborating with healthcare professionals and scientists to assess the real-world benefits of the inmu. Some studies have been completed, while the results of others are still in the pipeline.

Dementia study
A study with 50 dementia patients over a four-week period showed that 2/3 of them achieved a better quality of life: Fewer daily-care conflicts, less anxiety, reduced use of sedatives, and better sleep. Read more about the study

The Calming Effect of Using inmuRELAX for Patients with Mental Illness 
A study in a psychiatric facility found that well-being improved in 9 out of 10 patients with the inmuRELAX. Read more about the study

Music Intervention for Stress Reduction
Together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), a stress study was carried out and showed a quicker recovery from stressful situations amongst patients using the inmu. See summary of the study

Swedish study: inmuRELAX improves the quality of life for people with dementia 

inmuRELAX helps eight out of ten people with dementia. This is the result of a new Swedish study conducted at three dementia homes in resp. Helsingborg, Lund and Norrköping. Read more

inmu can be used by anyone – both professionally and privately.
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The following videos will help when using the inmu:

1. Charging the inmu is easy and only needs to be charged every 2-3 weeks at normal use. WATCH VIDEO

2. The inmu is made to be used. Learn how to clean and maintain it. WATCH VIDEO

3. When travelling, the inmu needs to stay silent. Learn how easy it to do this. WATCH VIDEO

4. Change the volume of the inmuRELAX. This video explains how this can be done. WATCH VIDEO

Alternatively, download the inmu User Manual.

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