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Riser Recliner Chairs

What are riser recliners and why can one be helpful?

If getting out of your chair or sofa becomes difficult, or you find yourself rocking in order to stand up, a riser recliner may help. 

As well as making it easier to stand at the push of a button, a riser reclner can also make standing safer since it will make it a gentler and more controlled process.

The recline-action of the chairs also means you can raise your feet which, apart from being comfortable and relaxing, can bring significant health benefits:

  • circulation can be improve, reducing ankle swelling which becomes common with age.
  • a good chair can improve posture, reducing  pressure on your neck, back and joints.

If you or your relative have more serious clinical needs, a SomaCare CarePlus riser recliner with breathable wipeable upholstery and pressure-management foam may be the best option.




Single Motor 

Available in choice of colours
(Blue | Mink | Oat)

Our Dryden single motor riser recliner is a straight forward seat which provides great value seating.

Usually in stock

2023 prices start at £495



Single Motor 

Available in choice of colours
(Sand or Charcoal)

The Keats is a comfortable single motor riser recliner with over-padding wing arm construction, offering additional comfort.

Usually in stock



Single Motor 

Available in choice of COLOURS and FABRICS

This high-quality single motor riser recliner chair is made to measure in the UK. Features include:
+ waterfall back
+ flat arms
+ locking castors
+ choice of small & medium
+ choice of fabrics

Express - 1 week delivery



Dual Motor 

Available in choice of COLOURS and FABRICS

A dual motor riser recliner chair for a greater versatility. Made to measure in the UK. Features include:
+ waterfall back
+ flat arms
+ locking castors
+ choice of small & medium
+ choice of fabrics

Express - 1 week delivery



This Dual motor seat, unlike our other seats, is not Tilt in Space which means that the back can be reclined without tilting the whole seat. Made to measure.

A waterfall back and scroll arms come as standard.


Byron - Bespoke

Your can order a bespoke chair to suit your exact requirements for. You can specify for:
  > Seat size
   (height, width, depth)
  > Back style
  > Arm style
  > Feet style
  > Fabric



Complementary Seating Option - Sofas





Our Fabrics

You can choose from a wide range of fabrics. The most popular materials that we use on our standard seats are: BOUCLE, OBAN and LOXFORD.

Alternatively you can specify LEATHER or ULTRALEATHER (a branded breatheabe leather-like material).

If you want something more bespoke, that shouldn't be a problem - just tell us what you're after.


Which riser recliner is right for me?

Our experienced team can advise you on the many features and functions of our chairs, which will keep you comfortable and independent. By completing a full chair assessment, including your measurements, we help you choose a model, to match your body-shape, physical needs and budget in an attractive style.

Our assessment service includes:

  • a free full measuring consultation which includes seat height, depth and width, back and arm height.
  • consideration of any medical conditions.
  • how long you will spend in your chair?
  • how you sit?
  • how you transfer or stand from your chair?
  • do you have joint and back pain?
  • any swollen ankles or feet?
  • any pain when seated?

Some medical conditions may change over time and may mean that your seating needs alter in the future and some chairs can accommodate and future proof these changes. If needs are changing rapidly, rental options are also available



At Fortuna we believe that choosing the correct chair size is essential - just like choosing the wrong shoe size, so a badly fitting chair has the potential to cause problems. For example:

  • a seat depth which is too great will lead to 'sacral sitting' - if you are in the seat over many hours, this can lead to pressure problems and potentially even to pressure sores (particularly if the seat cushion has poor quality foam).
  • a seat that is set too high will leave the feet dangling, butting extra pressure on the thighs.
  • if the seat width is too narrow it may be uncomforable, while if it is too wide there may not be enough support to keep the user upright.

At Fortuna we stock riser recliners in several sizes for you to try; some will be available immediately, while some sizes can be made to order within a week. More particular requirements, including bariatric seating, may need to  be 'made to measure' and may take longer to produce.


Tilt-in-space (TIS) is a common feature in riser recliners - it refers to the ability to tilt the entire chair, including the seat and backrest, while maintaining a fixed hip-to-back angle. This means that the user's body remains in the same position relative to the chair as it tilts backward or forward. Key points:

  • Pressure Redistribution: TIS is often used to help people who spend long periods of time in a seated position as it helps redistribute pressure across different areas of the body, reducing the risk of pressure problems.
  • Postural Management: Tilt-in-space can be used to optimise posture.
  • Comfort and Functionality: It also helps with functional activities like eating, hygiene, and social interaction, as it enables users to be positioned at a comfortable angle for these activities.

Learn more about TIS


Single Motor Chairs

With just 2 buttons it is very simple to use.

Dual Motor

These seats allow for a greater range of positions, for greater comfort. In cases with ankle swelling, dual motor seats will allow the legs to be raised higher so that swelling can be managed more effectively.


Riser recliners will normally tilt forward slightly as they rise, making it easier to step forward from the chair but in some medical conditions, like Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM), this cause problems and a Vertical Action Lift mechanism can be specified. Our seating assessors will be able to advise you on this.


If the chair is to go into a small area, in which it may touch the wall as it reclines, a 'wallhuggar' chair can be specified.


All the types of mechanisms listed above have a choice of back style and a huge range of upholstery and fabric choices.

Alternatively, you can consider other options from our range which may suit you better for instance a high back or fireside chair, furniture raisers or our SitnStand portable, smart, rising seat.  Our SomaCare CarePlus range includes many other options like integral pressure relief options and waterproof, breathable fabrics.


Why Fortuna is the right choice

Choice: We have an extensive range of chairs in-store which includes every type of riser recliner chair and all sizes.  Many of our customers choose our made-to-measure service and we can manufacture your riser recliner to fit your measurements exactly in a wide variety of fabric choices.

Service: We have chosen our range of chairs carefully, based on their reliability and quality and most include a five-year warranty. We offer chair assessments, home visits and a full set up service on delivery. Our staff can guide and assist throughout the whole process and if you need any advice later, they will be happy to help.

Visit our showroom to try out our range and discuss your options with our trained staff.  With our full chair assessment and measuring service you can be assured that your new chair will be tailored to your individual needs.

If you have any questions about the chairs in our range or you would like to book an appointment at our showroom, please get in touch today.  If you have any problems coming in to see us, we can visit you at home.  Call us on 020 8805 2020 to arrange an appointment.

Scenarios:  Is a Riser Recliner chair the right choice for someone who’s just had a hip replacement?  


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