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Mobility Scooter Transport

Once you have bought your mobility scooter you will need to think about how to transport it. If you’re only planning to travel a few miles from home and have a road scooter with a range of up to 30 miles then you can get wherever you want, just using the scooter itself.

However, many people will need to transport their scooter by car. A small folding scooter is very compact and should easily be able to fit into most cars, but some users will find them heavy to lift. An alternative is a boot scooter which can be dismantled into component parts which are much lighter and more compact. Watch our video to see how it’s done. For many customers this is the best solution, but some will find the process is a nuisance so there are other options that allow the whole scooter to be transported without being dismantled.


We sell a range of ramps which can allow the scooter to be wheeled up into car. Although simple, a ramp will not work for all cars or scooters. Visit us to discuss the feasibility with one of our expert advisors. 


Non-fixed Hoists
Allow the scooter to be lifted into the car. These may be simple lightweight hoists, which do not require any modification work to fix the hoist to the car. Advantages include portability so that it can be taken on holiday or easily switched between vehicles. However, the lifting capacity is lower (usually up to 40kg) and they are more suitable for smaller folding scooters.

Fixed Hoists
These are fixed to the structure of the car which means that they can lift far heavier scooters (up to 200kg). The hoists are powered which means the lifting is effortless. If you change car the hoist can be removed and swapped to the new vehicle.


Trilift is an innovative new product that lifts the scooter off the road and holds it on the back of the care while you drive. Like a hoist it is easy to use but has the advantage that the scooter does not take up storage space in the boot.

To learn more, visit our Trilift webpage.

There is no one correct choice – just whichever works best for you. At our mobility showroom in Enfield, north London, we have a wide range of our products on display for you to browse. Our fully trained and experienced staff are on hand to help with any questions you might have and help you make the best choice for your needs.

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