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Standing Hoists in Patient Care:
Enhancing Rehabilitation and Independence

Standing hoists, also known as stand assist lifts or sit-to-stand lifts, facilitate safe and dignified transfers.

Standing hoists are designed to assist individuals who have some weight-bearing capacity but may struggle to stand independently. By assisting patients from a sitting to a standing position, tasks such as moving from a bed to a chair or participating in rehabilitation exercises are made easier.. 

These hoists typically consist of a stable base, an adjustable lifting arm, and a sling or harness that provides support during the transfer.



Enhanced Independence: The ability to stand, even with assistance, helps the user to participate in daily activities and maintain a level of independence as well as promoting a sense of accomplishment and contributes to psychological well-being.

Rehabilitation: By facilitating controlled and supported standing, these devices contribute to muscle strengthening, joint flexibility, and overall functional improvement. This is particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from surgery, trauma, stroke or other medical conditions.

Reduced Effort: The design of standing hoists reduces the physical stress for carers during transfers. The lifting mechanism enables controlled and smooth movement, minimising the risk of injuries to both patients and carers.


Patient Assessment: Proper assessment of the patient's physical condition and weight-bearing capacity is essential before using a standing hoist.

Training: Cares must undergo proper training to use standing hoists effectively. Training should cover proper sling application, lifting techniques, and safety protocols to ensure a secure and comfortable transfer for the patient.

Sling Selection: The selection of an appropriate sling or harness is critical for the comfort and safety of the patient. Different slings are available to accommodate various body types and support needs, and choosing the right one is essential.



These versatile tools have improved patient care by helping with controlled standing - consequently they are widely used in healthcare settings, ranging from hospitals and rehabilitation centres to care homes and the user's own home.

At Fortuna, our experienced and expert staff can provide advice on all aspects of standing hoists:
  Equipment: we supply standing hoists from ETAC, Joerns, Drive and others.
  Rental: if you only need the hoist limited period, renting can provide a flexible solution.
  Slings: we can advise on the best sling for your needs.
  LOLER Testing & Maintenance.
  Training: either in in our training suite or at a venue to suit you.

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