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Sit to Stand - Problems with Toileting

Difficulty with standing from a sitting position is common and maybe due to general frailty, weakness or pain. Problems may also be caused by specific medical conditions, for example: 
~ Stroke
~ Muscular dystrophy eg IBM
~ Joint problems such as OA
~ etc

Difficulties may arise in day to day activities such as standing up from a chair, however one of the biggest, and least discussed, problems is in using the toilet.

Understandably many are embarrassed by the loss of dignity arising from the presence of a carer, with them in the bathroom. However, trying to manage independently increases the risk that they become stuck on the toilet - a far more dangerous situation than being confined to a soft armchair.

Even if a carer is involved there are still likely to be practical problems: a) they may not always be immediately available, b) this will be costly and c) if they are inexperienced, poor moving and handling technique may be dangerous.


Equipment Options

At Fortuna we are able to offer a range of equipment solutions to enable people to use the toilet more effectively, safely and independently. These range from the very simple products through to sophisticated motorised seats. As illustrated below there are many options available and we can help with advice, according to the needs of the user:

  • non-slip mats to improve grip and stability, if the floor is slippery
  • appropriate footwear, with good grip (see our Sandpiper range)


Grab Rails
  • grab rails, installed near an existing toilet - a variety of sizes and styles are avaiable from our showroom

Raised Toilet Seat
  • a very simple raised toilet seat may be enough, by alterting the angle of sitting - options include:

    ~ padding for comfort
    ~ an integrated lid

  • a raised toilet seat with built in arms to assist in standing (Enterprise)

Toilet Frames
  • frames give the user something to push on. They may come with a built in seat (Mowbray). Height is usually adjustable and extra-wide options are available

  • the Solo - a motorised lifting toilet seats for those who find standing very difficult. Click on the link to find out more and see the video

Lift Seat
  • Lift Seat - a high quality motorised lifting toilet seats, with bariatric and 'Vertical Lift' options available. Vertical Lift can be very helpful in conditions such as IBM

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