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The Lift Seat Toilet Raiser

Many people find it difficult to stand up from a sitting position and need assistance with raising or lowering themselves. This can be particularly distressing and difficult when getting on and off the toilet.

Using a two buttoned hand control the LIFT SEAT Toilet Raiser can slowly and smoothly lower the user to a sitting position over the toilet and raise them back up to their feet. Like a riser-recliner chair, it has a “sit to stand” motion which engages the body’s major muscle groups in the correct sequence – the most efficient way to raise people to their feet.

The Lift Seat Toilet Raiser gives back freedom to use the toilet independently, delaying help from carers and reducing the number of assistants required. The Lift Seat also reduces the risk of falling or getting stuck while getting on or off the toilet.

Key Features

  • Both lowers and raises a user for using the toilet safely toilet
  • Utilises an anatomically correct “sit-to-stand” motion
  • Use over your existing toilet, no conversion work required
  • Oval-shaped opening for easy toileting
  • Reduces the need for assistance
  • Reduces the risk of falling
  • Reduces the risk of being unable to leave the toilet
  • Can also be used as a commode, if required
  • Can be used over automatic shower-toilets ie Geberit, Clos-o-Mat and is also compatible with Bio Bidet
  • Safe working load: 146kg (23 stone)


The steel frame is built to be both very strong and compact, so the Lift Seat will fit in even the smallest bathroom and over every type of toilet.

Levelling Feet
Every Lift Seat is supplied with 4 self-levelling feet which can, if necessary, be fitted to the corners of the frame, to compensate for an uneven floor. With lots of possible adjustment the Lift Seat set at a height that best suits the user’s needs.

Lift Seat with optional Commode

Power Options
All Lift Seats purchased include 2 batteries, meaning you can have one to use and a spare for charging, so that a functioning battery is always available. The LIFT SEAT also comes standardly with a cable for hard wiring into a fused spur, or be hard wired into a shower toilet (eg Geberit, Clos-O-Mat or Bio Bidet).

Handheld Control
The simple 2 button handheld unit gives the user control of the LIFT SEAT as it lowers or raises the user. If needed, a large-buttoned hand control is also available, for instance for users with impaired hand strength or visual problems.

Flat Transfer Seat
Smooth, rounded edges make transferring easy and comfortable.

Bedside Commode
The LIFT SEAT also has the advantage of being converted for commode use (commode bucket sold separately). This unique feature allows the LIFT SEAT to be used close to the bed or anywhere in the house.

Bariatric LIFT SEAT Toilet Raiser

The Bariatric LIFT SEAT Toilet Raiser looks like the standard model except that it is 13cm (5”) wider. It functions works in the same way and has a safe working load up to 203kg (23 stone).

The LIFT SEAT Toilet Raiser at Fortuna

Here at Fortuna Mobility our experienced technical team are on hand to advise you on whether the LIFT SEAT might help with your needs. We have a demonstration model available in our showroom to help you understand how it works and to give you a chance to ‘feel the quality’.

If the LIFT SEAT isn’t right for you, we have a many other toileting aids which might be of help.  We also offer assessment appointment to visit your home, so you can check how the LIFT SEAT fits in your bathroom and will suit you. If you decide that you want to buy, we can offer home delivery, set-up and training.

As well as the general public, we work closely with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Services and hospitals, so if you’re a healthcare professional and want to discuss the available options or arrange a joint visit, demonstration or training session, please call or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the LIFT SEAT fit into my small bathroom?

Yes. The LIFT SEAT has very compact and should fit into nearly all bathrooms.

Q. Does the LIFT SEAT come supplied with everything I need?

Yes. It will be fully functional when it arrives, with no extras needed. It also includes 2 x batteries and a cable to hard wire if you happen to need it.

Q. Does the LIFT SEAT need to be fixed to the ground?


Q. Will the LIFT SEAT fit over my toilet?

The compact design should fit over all toilets, including standard oval shaped ones seen in most houses and all designs including art deco, Victorian and modern.

Q. Will soil pipes, boxed pipes etc get in the way of the LIFT SEAT?

Almost certainly not. The design of the LIFT SEAT means all its working parts are under the toilet seat, avoiding such structures.

Q. Does the LIFT SEAT need maintenance?

We recommend applying a silicon spray to the joints of the arms to keep them lubricated.

Q. How should I clean the LIFT SEAT?

There are no specific requirements – just use normal bathroom cleaning products.

Q. Do I need to pay VAT?

A. If you have a long-term medical condition you do not need to pay VAT on most products that we sell. We can advise you this and help you with the simple paperwork.

VERTICA Toilet Lift

Conditions such as Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and others can cause problems standing due to quadriceps muscles becoming weaker, which are involved in straightening the knees. This means that before standing up, taking their own weight, users with these conditions need to lock their knees before elevating themselves to a standing position. The VERTICA Toilet Lifter rises high but most importantly with a vertical lift with no tilt at any point in its movement, making it much easier to lock the knees.

  • Lowers the user from a standing position until they are over the toilet
  • Raises them back up from sitting to standing
  • Utilises a true vertical rise motion with no tilt
  • Uses the existing toilet, with no conversion work required.
  • Proper oval shaped opening allowing for easy toileting
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Reduces the need for assistance
  • Reduces the risk of falling.
  • Reduces the risk of being unable to leave the toilet
  • Can be used as a commode, if necessary.
  • Can be used over shower-toilets such as Geberit and Clos-o-Mat
  • The VERTICA has a safe working load of 32 stone (203kg)

VERTICA Toilet Lifter

If you need more information or have any questions, please call in and, if you wish, we’ll arrange an assessment and demonstration for you.

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