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Drinking and Hydration

Dehydration can lead to very serious medical complications. Ensuring adequate hydration is a crucially important responsibility for carers, as stressed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Problems can arise either because someone has difficulty physically bringing a cup to their mouth or because their thirst reflex becomes reduced. 

Either way, there is equipment which can help with the problem and reduce the need for supervision and assistance from carers.



Easy-to-use Cups and Mugs

The Ormamin Range is designed to make drinking easier, with attractive products which reduce the stigma of using products designed for people with additional needs. 

Cups have extra grip built in while cups with internal cones reduce how far the user has to  lift the cup when drinking. Good thermal insulation ensures that drinks stay hot or cold for longer.

 Ornamn Cups & Mugs

Hands-free Hydration Systems

The use of a hands-free drinking aid is ideal for individuals with reduced mobility or those in rehabilitation: 

  • increases independence by being able to drink without assistance
  • helps prevent dehydration-related hospital admissions
  • releases more time for healthcare professionals 
  • contributes towards a speedier recovery
  • reduces the risk of secondary problems associated with dehydration such as, urinary infections, confusion, impaired renal function and blood clotting problems
  • allows for accurate monitoring of fluid intake via clearly calibrated bottles
  • reduces the inconvenience of spillages and breakages
  • highly beneficial in many clinical situations including:

    • cognitive problems, in which the person does not recognise the need for drinking e.g. dementia
    • pain e.g. arthritis can badly impair arm function
    • reduced thirst, which is more common in older age

We have two hands-free systems available:

The Hydrant

This personal drinking aid that, once the mouthpiece is in position, the user can drink without using their hands.
Features include:
   ~ a non-return valve 
   ~ a 1 litre bottle
   ~ a flexi-grip handle

Value Choice


Drinkup 21

This totally hands-free drinking aid enables drinking, even when arm function has been completely lost.

Learn more about the Drinkup21

Professional Choice

Drinkup 21

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