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Hoists play a crucial role in safely and efficiently transferring people within medical, care or domestic environments.

They are designed to assist carers in lifting and transferring individuals with limited mobility. They help to ensure safety while, at these same time, enhancing comfort and dignity. Healthcare hoists, which are also known as patient lifts, have become an integral part of modern care, assisting in the challenges associated with moving individuals with disabilities, injuries, or those who are unable to bear weight independently.

They are used in conjunction with specialised fabric SLINGS that provide support during transfers, reducing the risk of injury for both the person being moved and healthcare providers. Hoists promote efficiency in patient care, reducing the number of staff required for transfers; they also help to meet regulatory standards and Safer People Handling guidelines.

Key features of healthcare hoists include user-friendly controls, adjustable settings, and advanced safety mechanisms to enhance the overall transfer experience. In the past, hoists were hydraulic (manual) but nowadays most are electric.
Healthcare hoists come in various forms, including floor-based portable hoists, standing hoists, overhead gantry hoists and ceiling-track hoists, specialist hoists such as bathing lifts.  



Mobile Hoists

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Wheeled hoists that are easy to move around. Some can be folded.


Ceiling Hoists

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These run on rails above the person being transferred.



Standing Hoists

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These standing aids will lift the person from a sitting to standing position using a sling.


Specialist Hoists

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A variety of hoists exist for particular functional situations.

Spreader Bars

Hoist Accessories

Spreader Bars | Positioning Cradles | Suspenders | Hoist Weighing Scale

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Weighing Scale

If a hoist is only required for a short period, RENTAL options are available. Whether you wish to rent or buy, our staff will be more than happy to take the time to understand your needs before recommending just the right product for your needs.

Finally, to help you to get to grips with either using this equipment yourself, or helping somebody else to use them, we also offer moving and handling TRAINING COURSES.

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Q. Can I try the equipment before buying it?

A. We offer a wide range of products available for rent, either for periods as short as 2 days to longer than a year.

Q. Why is the price not shown?

A. Much of the equipment that we sell is very specialised and we would always advise that you speak to us before choosing what you purchase.

Q. How can I organise LOLER testing of my equipment?

A. At Fortuna we can arrange LOLER testing on your equipment. If you have any questions at all just contact us 020 8805 2020 or

Q. How can I get my equipment serviced?

A. At Fortuna we can arrange servicing of your equipment. If you bought if from us servicing in the 1st year is FREE and afterwards it is HALF price. If you have any questions at all just contact us 020 8805 2020 or

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