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Healthcare Professionals and Carers


We work closely with Healthcare Professionals in several situations:

  • TCES
  • Product rental
  • Specialist product advice and assessment
  • Training and education
  • Product information


Transforming Community Equipment Services (TCES)

Fortuna is the principle provider of TCES equipment for Enfield and Haringey. We accept e-prescriptions and then our administrator, Caterina, will arrange for fulfilment of the TCES request. Depending on the circumstances this may involve:

  • Equipment being picked up from showroom (part of the original rationale for TCES was for the public come into direct contact with retail outlets and consequently learn about the products and services which are available).
  • Rapid Service “TCES to Go”: we understand that sometimes products are required urgently, for instance to facilitate a hospital discharge. We aim to hold all TCES lines in our warehouse and, in particular, we have pre-assembled stock so that they can be picked up with a minimum of delay.
  • In many cases the item will need to be delivered directly to the user and Caterina will arrange delivery, with amazing persistence and patience.

If you have any questions or wish to clarify some aspect of the prescription, please call us on 020 8805 2020 (Option 3 for direct line) or e-mail:




You can arrange for us to fulfill a TCES prescription in Enfield by one of the following:

a) Complete the TCES Prescription Form.
b) Send us an e-mail with details of your prescription.
c) Call to provide us with details.

TCES Prescription Form


Complete Form

Product Rental

Some users may need sophisticated equipment and, for some, buying the item outright may not be the best solution. We can offer a wide range of products for Rental, for instance if the product is only needed for a short time, if the person wants to try the product at home or just wants to spread costs over a longer period.

Specialist Product Advice and Assessment

As well as supplying products, we can help with advice and assessment. Our staff are ‘Trusted Assessors’ and we are always happy to discuss products with you. We regularly collaborate with OTs and Physiotherapists in joint visits and assessments at the client’s home. We can help with the following assessments:

Training and Education

We have a dedicated training suite with a wide range of equipment where we are able to provide a variety of training courses (examples of which include First Aid, Moving + Handling and Furniture Raising).

In addition, we host regular LOTT (London OT Training) day events with CPD accreditation. However, if you simply want to use our facilities and organise the event yourself, our rooms (and equipment) are available for hire.


Training at Fortuna

Moving and Handling Training for Health Professionals

Specialist Product Information

As London’s largest mobility centre, we stock a very wide range of standard products However, at Fortuna Mobility we also endeavour to introduce complex and innovative products which can provide extra options for dealing with the people’s needs. Many of these specialized or novel products are on display in our showroom and you are welcome to bring people along to try them out. Good examples include:

ArmonBambach ~ Careflex ~ Seahorse ~ SitnStand ~ Solo Toilet Lift ~ Theraposture ~ Topro  ~ U-step ~ Hugga                                                   

We are always delighted for you to visit but would recommend making an appointment in advance so we can be sure to have the appropriate specialist advisor on site.

Apart from the wide range of products we stock on site, our huge experience within the sector means that we can help you find bespoke solutions for particularly complicated problems. In the text box we describe a case in which we were able to find a very unusual piece of equipment which enabled rapid hospital discharge. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to solve all your problems, but we’ll certainly try.


Consumables - Care Homes

As well as highly specialized products, we also sell a large variety of consumables, often under our own brand. These may be of particular interest to institutional buyers such as Care Homes.

Latex Gloves

Bed Pads


Janibell Disposal System

Case Study: How we solved a unique problem

We were recently asked if, as a matter of urgency, we could help to source a highly unusual Riser Recliner chair for a patient who was ready for discharge from hospital.  The patient was extremely heavy but was not suited to any available bariatric chair because they were also very short.

As it had proved impossible to source the chair through the normal equipment channels, we were contacted by a senior OT to ask if we could help. We made a number of calls to our industry contacts, none of whom could provide a suitable chair (to manufacture a bespoke chair was possible but would take several weeks). However, one supplier told us that they believed that a seller near Portsmouth had a chair, with the size and specification we needed, in their warehouse. A phone call confirmed that this was indeed the case.

However, at this point we hit a new problem; they would be unable to deliver it: normal couriers were unable to handle it because of the size of the chair and because it was unboxed. Fortunately, through our extensive contacts we were able to find a local transport company who had a van available to collect and deliver the new chair the next day. We were very pleased that through our efforts, we were able to facilitate the patient’s rapid hospital discharge and provide a comfortable, well-fitting seating solution.

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