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Thousands of people in the UK rely on a mobility scooter or power chair as part of their everyday lives, but transporting one to any destination by car can be problematic. Some have to contend with either a ramp or hoist to get a scooter or chair into their car, while for others a lack of space inside their vehicle means they have to completely dismantle their mobility device before they can travel.

Trilift UK is a unique and innovative breakthrough in mobility scooter and power chair transportation that enables the user to convey their scooter or chair with the minimum of effort. Launched in the UK in 2018, Trilift attaches to a vehicle's towbar and is wired directly to its battery. It engages with a coupling bracket that is permanently fixed to the scooter or chair, which by the flick of a switch, is then raised and locked firmly in place on the rear of a vehicle. The loading process is straightforward, fast and stress free, while the scooter or chair remains secure during the journey.

The small size and light weight of the Trilift means it's compatible with most vehicles currently available in the UK, without affecting their safe and legal operation. Whether you have a small or large mobility scooter or power chair, there's a Trilift to suit YOU:

The product range consists of:

  • Trilift Ultra-Lite (loading capacity up to 79kg)
  • Trilift Classic (loading capacity up to 136kg)
  • Trilift HD (loading capacity up to 204kg)

Optional extras, such as a spring-loaded tilt adaptor, are available.

Trilift really does make transporting mobility scooters and power chairs a breeze. There's no bulky platform, straps or clamps to worry about, while the lift is easy to attach and so lightweight and quiet that the driver will hardly know it's there. And, when the journey is complete and the user is back home, they can simply unbolt the Trilift and remove it from their vehicle.

Fast becoming known as the 'next generation' in mobility transportation, numerous mobility scooter and power chair users are seeing the benefits of using a Trilift. Because while their scooter or chair has given them a new lease of life, Trilift is making it possible for them to transport these devices with ease, thus providing the one thing that everyone wants – greater freedom!

Prices start at £2,495.00.

Note: Trilift needs to be attached to a towbar. Fortuna can arrange the fitting of a towbar to any vehicle without one. The permanent coupling bracket for the mobility scooter or power chair will also be supplied and fitted.

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Q. Will TriLift fit my vehicle?

A. TriLift will fit most makes and models of vehicle. Contact us with your vehicle details so that we can confirm that the TriLift will fit your car.

Q. How is TriLift fitted?

A. TriLift fits onto your vehicle’s tow bar, if it doesn’t already have one, we can easily arrange to have one fitted.

Q. Can I remove TriLift when its not needed?

A. TriLift is designed to stay on your car. However, it can easily be removed. There’s no need for specialist tools or knowledge and we’re happy to either arrange for this to be done or guide you through the process.

Q. How does my Scooter/Powerchair attach to the TriLift?

A. The scooter or powerchair is fitted with a custom-made bracket which we will supply to you.

Q. Is it legal as the number plate and lights are obscured?

A. We will let you have a number plate and lighting board with your Trilft.

Q. Will I still have access to my boot?

A. You can tilt the TriLift out of the way, so that you have access to your boot.

Q. What if I change my vehicle?

A. TriLift can be taken of the old vehicle and transferred to the new one. We’re happy to either arrange for this to be done or guide you through the process.

Q. What if I change my scooter?

A. Unless you buy exactly the same model of scooter, you likely to need a different bracket – contact us and we can supply this for you.

Q. Who would fit TriLift to my vehicle?

A. We have a team of trained fitters who will come your home or workplace.

Q. Why is the price not advertised?

A. The price can vary considerably depending on the exact TriLift specification required. Once we have more information about your car and scooter, we will let you have an exact price.

Q. Do I need to pay VAT?

A. If you have a long-term medical condition you do not need to pay VAT on most products that we sell. We can advise you this and help you with the simple paperwork.

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