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The Bambach Saddle Seat - Change a Seat, Change a Life

More people than ever before are suffering with back pain. In the UK alone around 2.5 million people experience problems with their backs on a daily basis, while pain in this area is listed as the main cause of disability worldwide.

Unfortunately for many of us the simple every day act of sitting is one of the biggest culprits in creating back pain. Conventional seats force the spine out of its natural healthy 'S' shape, into a less natural and unhealthy 'C' shape. This results in musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain and compression of internal organs that can lead to posture-related issues with backs, necks, arms, hands and shoulders.

The Bambach Saddle Seat not only relieves back pain, it also eliminates the source of future posture-related back pain by keeping the body's centre of gravity directly above the sitting bones, thus maintaining the spine's natural 'S' shape, even when stretching or leaning forward. Meanwhile energy consumption is reduced because the postural muscles in the core do not need to work as hard – as they do with other seats - to keep the body upright.

Standard Seat with Backrest

Cutaway and Standard Saddles

Bambach Promotes Good Posture

The easily adjustable height of the seat enables the feet to be in a stable position on the floor, guaranteeing both free and controlled movement, while a finely tuned balance is created between the shoulders, neck and head. It's also an extremely comfortable seat, that can be tilted and adjusted to help the user find their 'natural' sitting position.

With a choice of seat type, a gas lift height adjuster (available in various heights with either a hand or foot operated mechanism), castors that can be selected to suit the environment, numerous seat colours to choose from, and optional extras including a back rest and foot ring, The Bambach Saddle Seat is custom built to suit every user, give genuine support, and naturally relieve and prevent back pain. The majority of those who have tried it are so impressed that they never want to use a conventional seat again!

Prices start at £495.00 ex VAT or if you’re not sure, we can arrange for you to take one on trial. 

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The Bambach Essence - for Affordable Back Care

We understand that our premium product may be outside some peoples budgets, so we've created a new model - the Bambach Essence which retains the essential saddle shaped seat while allowing us to offer it a highly competive price of £290 ex VAT

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Q. Should I buy a backrest?

A. In theory there is no need for a back rest as if you use a Bambach Saddle Seat correctly you will be sitting upright. However, many people like the backrest because:
a) it can provide extra reassurance that you won’t fall
b) if you position it correctly it can provide an extra prompt to sit upright
c) after you’ve been sitting upright concentrating for a long-time it can be nice just to lean back and relax for a minute or two

Q. Which is better vinyl or leather?

A. Of course, both are good options. Leather always feels luxurious and comes in some great colours. However, just because vinyl is a little cheaper, it doesn’t mean that it’s inferior. Our seats are covered with a breathable branded ‘Ultraleather’ vinyl material which is easy to wipe clean. It can be bought in a variety of colours and you may notice that the padding is a little softer.


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