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Bed Aids and Accessories

Bed aids and accessories can help people with medical or mobility problems in several ways; for instance by:

~ helping with movement
~ promoting comfort and sleep
~ ensuring safety
~ allowing those that are confined to bed for long periods to live a fuller life
~ assisting with the maintenance of hygiene

At Fortuna Mobility, we have a wide selection of products on site in our showroom and if something more specific is needed we can urce it from the manufacturers. If the bed aids is only needed for a short time we have rental options for many of the aids.

Help with movement

When people have difficulty getting into and out of bed, the right equipment can provide enough assistance to help move independently without assistance or, in some cases, to reduce the help required from carers.

Bed Lever

Standard bed Lever

Bed levers 

Getting out of bed can be a struggle, resulting in a loss of independence. Bed levers are handles which fix to the bed to provide the user with some extra purchase, enabling them to get in or out of bed more easily. Different bed levers are available to suit the individual users needs:

~ Bed levers can be used with standard beds and are positioned between the bed base and the mattress. Different shaped handles are available and a soft-grip version is also available for added comfort (see picture)

~ Domestic profiling beds, which are used by many people with limited mobility, cannot be fitted with standard bed levers (as the mattress moves). The EasyFit Plus+ Bed Rail   has been specifically designed for use with non-height adjustable profiling beds (see below for more details)

~ Community (hospital) beds have a rigid metal frame so require a bed lever which clamps directly onto the frame (see picture)

Bed lever fixed to metal frame

Looped Bed Stick

Looped Bed Sticks

These fulfil a similar function to bed levers, in spite of the misleading name (see picture). They are fitted under the entire width of the mattress to provide a handle on each side of the bed. If circumstances change, the device can be adapted so that the handle on only one side is visible and functional, if not needed.

Lifting Poles

A handle suspended above the bed enables the user to move themselves around the bed or to pull themselves into a sitting position and then to stand up.

Lifting Pole

Mattress Elevator

Mattress Elevator

Also known as 'Pillow Lifter' or 'Mattress Variator', this versatile product is placed under the mattress to help raise the user into a seated position independently  and assist with getting in and out of bed.

Leg Elevator (Leg Lifter)

An electrically powered leg lifter will fit onto most beds and help the user get into bed by lifting the legs onto the bed, watch the video or come to our showroom to see it in action.

Leg Elevator

Furniture Bed

Furniture Raisers

Once the person is sitting on the side of the bed, they can still find it difficult to stand up. If they start from a higher position, standing will be easier. For some, an easy solution for ordinary beds is simply to insert furniture raisers under the bed.

Transfer Boards

When mobility problems mean that people are unable to stand from their bed, even with the aids described above, transfer boards can be used by the person or their carers, to help transfer from a chair or wheelchair to a bed or vice versa.

'Buffulo' Transfer Board

Slide Sheet Systems

If disability is still more severe and the person is bed-bound, they will need to be turned and positioned regularly. Slide sheets (such as the Wendylett) comprise two layers which move across each other with minimal friction, thus reducing discomfort and friction and shearing damage of the skin. Watch video

Comfort in Bed

If someone is in bed for prolonged periods, ensuring comfort is very important. Even simple devices can be helpful with well-being and sleep:

~ a simple V-shaped cushion can be really helpful and comfortable 
~ a bed wedge is a triangular-shaped cushion that can be placed under the head, back or legs to elevate the body. Iit can help with acid reflux, snoring, swollen legs and other conditions
~ a folding backrest (aka collapsible backrest) helps the user sit up more comfortably
~ a bed cradle can help to keep the weight of blankets off sensitive or injured legs
~ some profiling beds can also be equipped with a built-in massage feature that can help to reduce pain and improve circulation
~ the inmu is a multi-sensory musical device which can provide comfort and reassurance. This can be particularly useful for people living with anxiety or dementia


Bed Cradle


People can be at risk while in bed for different reasons.

Confusion and agitation can increase the risk of falling from bed. This can be mitigated by:
~ bed rails which can be installed on one or both sides of the bed, and adjusted to different heights
~ a 'Safety Side Wedge Set' will act in the same way as rails, but are softer and easy to install 

There can also be a risk of 'wandering' with dementia; bed alarms are devices that can be placed under the mattress, or around the bed, and will sound an alarm if the person gets out of bed, helping carers with supervision. Read about our Frequency Precision range.

Pressure Management
A major problem for the bed-bound is the risk of pressure sores. A variety of mattress options are available, but some simple additional pieces of equipment can be helpful:

~ mattress overlays are designed to reduce pressure on the body, they can be made of foam, air, or water and can help to redistribute pressure and prevent skin damage
~ slide sheets (see above - 'Help with moving')


HUGGA Sleep System

Posture and Contractures
Postural problems can ensue from serious neurological disabilities, potential resulting in deformity (fixed contractures) and pressure sores. We can advise on the options available such as the HUGGA Sleep System.

Hydration and Nutrition
Some bed-bound people, with severe weakness, will have difficulty eating and drinking as they find it difficult to bring food or drink up to their mouths. The Hydrant and Drinkup21 provide solutions to help the person take in fluids, including soup, independently of their carers.

Drinkup21 - hands-free drinking

Daily Living

Over bed tables can easily be adjusted to allow carry out normal daily activities such as eating a meal, writing or using a laptop. Our ‘Blake table’ is height adjustable and for use over a single bed; the central table can be tilted to according to what is being done.


It is very important to protect mattresses when continence is a problem and it's important to protect mattresses from even occasional accidents. Incontinence is a very difficult problem to manage but we have a wide range of solutions to help including:

 ~ Mattress protectors for all widths of bed and fit securely over mattresses with an elasticated base.  They have a waterproof backing with a soft, breathable terry cotton surface.  While protecting the mattress from any fluid ingress they also provide a dust mite barrier and allergy protection
~ Duvet and pillow protectors provide an all round solution to help protect all bedding
~ Washable bed pads or 'Kylies' lay over the mattress and have 'wings' which allows them to be tucked in to secure to a mattress.  The soft, quilted pad over a waterproof backing helps keep the user dry and comfortable.  They can be washed and reused and are available in single and double sizes
~ Disposable bed pads are 60cm deep and 90cm wide so cover the width of a single bed.  When laid under the user the absorbent pad with a plastic backing can be thrown away when soiled.

Dealing with used incontinence pads is difficult. Waste disposal systems such as the Jannibel Akord makes disposing of adult-sized briefs, pads and other incontinence items  simple and hygienic. It is a discreet, eco-friendly, odour-free solution and easy to use.

FEATURED PRODUCT  EasyFit Plus+ Bed Rail

Sometimes real improvements in people’s quality of life can occur through relatively simple but intelligent design changes. The NRS EasyFit Plus+ Bed Lever is a good example: it provides a stable support to help users change their position, or get in and out of bed, which can significantly enhance dignity and independence.

Key advantages:
~ It can be used with most types of bed and, in particular, with non-height adjustable profiling beds
~ Installation is quick and easy, with no tools or straps required
~ It’s easy to secure with unique clamps which slide quickly into position under the bed
~ Stability is enhanced by a wide, low base plate and splayed legs
~ It can be stored flat when not in use
~ Weight capacity: 25st/160 kg
~ It is a high-quality product at an affordable price

Our friendly and experienced staff are trained in finding the right solution for your needs. They’ll be more than happy to take the time to understand your requirements before recommending the right product for you.

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