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Transfer Aids

Whether you need some help getting around the house yourself, or you need to help somebody in your care, we’ve got moving and handling equipment to suit almost every possible requirement.

Our specialist equipment is designed to be safe, reliable and simple to use, to help you to retain your independence, or else offer the best possible levels of support to those who are in your care. In any case, our moving and handling equipment is there to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Hoists provide mechanical aid in transferring of people from bed to chair or chair to bed, slings are used in conjunction with hoists and other equipment to hold the person being transferred. Sliding sheets and transfer boards are used to transfer on a bed or chair.

  • Manual Hoists are designed to be used by two carers at a time. Examples include the following: ‘Birdie hoists’, ‘Arjo-Huntleigh hoists’ and ‘Ceiling-track hoists’.
  • Standing Hoists can be used for an assisted transfer, which requires only one person and decreases the risk associated with manual handling. Examples include the ‘Novaltis Standing Hoist’ and ‘Sara 3000’.
  • Standing Aids allow the person to take an active role in their transfer. They stand supported within the aid and can then be easily moved from one place to another by their carer. Before recommending a standing aid, a clinical assessment should always be carried out to confirm that the user has at least some degree of weight bearing capability. Examples include the ‘Sara Stedy‘ and ‘Able Assist’.
  • Patient Turners (sometimes referred to as Transfer Aids) facilitate easier sit-to-stand movements, with the users actively standing while being supported by the equipment (sometimes with additional slings). They can be used for a quick transfer from chair to chair with the rotating disk which can be stabilised by one carer. Examples: Return, Atlas advance.
  • Slings – these are fabric products which hold the user and are used in conjunction with hoists, standing aids and patient turners. We sell a wide range which are specific to different equipment.
  • Sliding sheets are made from low friction fabric and allow easier repositioning or turning in the person’s bed.
  • Transfer boards (sometimes referred to as Slides) allow for easier, safer ‘seated transfers’, for instance from as wheelchair to chair. We sell a wide range of products, such as the Banana boards. A recently introduced product is the Buffalo Board. This intelligent new transfer board comes with 2 notches which, fit around an upright or wheel rim to allow the board to be partially fixed to the wheelchair, increasing stability and safety.
  • The Uni Slide prevents the users from slipping DOWN in chairs or beds, while allowing an assisted one way slide UP the bed. This reduces the amount of handling required to reposition the patient, thus reducing the risk of back injury to the nurse or carer.


Sara Stedy

Standing Hoist

Atlas Advance

Buffalo Board

However, if you can’t find the moving and handling equipment you’re looking for, or if you’ve got something very specific in mind, we have the largest mobility aid showroom in London. It’s no trouble for us to order another product, so why not pop in and see us in person?

Our friendly staff are all trained and experienced mobility experts. They’ll be more than happy to take the time to understand your needs before recommending just the right mobility and handling equipment for you.

Alternatively, if an item is only required for a short period, rental options are available for selected equipment.

Finally, to help you to get to grips with either using this equipment yourself, or helping somebody else to use them, we also offer moving and handling training courses.

To book a visit to our Enfield mobility showroom, or to talk to one of our qualified advisors, call us on 020 8805 2020.


Q. Can I try the equipment before buying it?

A. We offer a wide range of products available for rent, either for periods as short as 2 days to longer than a year.

Q. Why is the price not shown?

A. Much of the equipment that we sell is very specialised and we would always advise that you speak to us before choosing what you purchase.

Q. How can I organise LOLER testing of my equipment?

A. At Fortuna we can arrange LOLER testing on your equipment. If you have any questions at all just contact us 020 8805 2020 or

Q. How can I get my equipment serviced?

A. At Fortuna we can arrange servicing of your equipment. If you bought if from us servicing in the 1st year is FREE and afterwards it is HALF price. If you have any questions at all just contact us 020 8805 2020 or

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