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Swift Tilt in Space Shower & Commode Chair


Mobile shower commode chairs are used in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, care homes as well as domestic settings and consequently need to be versatile as they are used for showering, toileting and moving from area to area.

The Swift Tilt in Space (TIS) is used primarily by people who require assistance, and helps to make them feel comfortable and secure, while making the work of the carer easier.


 Key Design Aims

Carers consistently confirm that a consistent problem is limited access, making it difficult to see what they are doing. This leads to unnecessary lifting and uncomfortable bending when assisting their clients, who in turn find it awkward and undignified to see the carer having difficulties.

Therefore, the SWIFT TIS was designed with the following aims:

  1. Ease of access  
  2. Adaptability  
  3. Comfort  
  4. Easy handling  

1. Ease of access

Closed seats limit accessibility, so the Swift is completely open at the back to help with personal hygiene. he seat also offers excellent access from the sides, improving visibility and reducing the need for the carer to bend.

The seat is flat, to facilitate transfers and re-positioning, while access at the font is enhanced by an anterior recess in the seat.

The seat has been designed to accommodate the different shapes of the male and female pelvis

Additional seat cushions can be specified for users who need extra softness (see Swift Accessories).

2. Design Solutions - Adaptability  

The Swift TIS is designed with many adjustable features as standard:  

  • adjusting the seat height is easy by just loosening and re-positioning the locking function on each side. No tools are needed, and the mechanism provides maximum product stability at all heights.

  • leg rests are height-adjustable through a 15 cm range and have curved sides that prevent the feet from sliding out of position. Additional specialist leg rests are available as options.

  • the arm rests can be adjusted in height or width.

  • back support is adjustable as standard.

  • a multi-adjustable head rest that can be set in height, depth and angle is a standard feature

 The maximum user weight is 160 kg, so the chairs can be used by most people. However, for bariatric users there is an XL range with a wider back frame providing 6 cm extra width, and widening adapters for the leg rests, which offer 12 cm additional space.

 Additionally, there are a large number of accessories to help create solutions for a wide range of users.

Simple Height Adjustment

Adjustable Arm Rests

3. Design Solutions - Comfort  

Back rest can be adjusted for comfort

Providing a comfortable experience for the user is central to the design of the Swift TIS, with 'soft' edges in all potential contact areas. Whlle the  “Easy Clean” finish on most surfaces balances requirements for comfort and grip, the areas in the vicinity of the opening are completely smooth, to maximise comfort.

The soft back rest provides excellent lumbar support, however it can easily be adjusted to suit differently shaped backs, using its three Velcro straps.

The ergonomic foot rests are gently curved to provide instep and arch support, ensuring comfort and stability.

For sensitive users, extra-soft, seat cushions are available as accessories

Soft cushion

4. Design Solutions - Easy handling 

The Swift TIS has been designed to be easy to operate and manoeuvre.

Important features like the seating area and TIS controls can be easily accessed by carers, enhancing comfort and dignity.

  • The brakes on all 4 wheels are easy to reach, lock and unlock.
  • The commode pan has an anti-splash function and a unique self-locking mechanism when lifted.
  • The unique tilt (TIS) feature provides security for the user and an easy working position for the carer. The tilt function can be operated from either side of the chair, allowing the carer to maintain eye contact and reassure the user when tilting.

Finding exactly the right configuration can be difficult, but our experienced advisors will be able to help.

If you'd like to see the product, perhaps with the user, it's available to see in our showroom or we can arrange a home visit.

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