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Alerting Devices

If a sensor is activated it transmita a signal to an alerting device which will make the carer aware of a problem. There are several types of device with varying degrees of cost and complexity


These just make a noise and are cost-effective and simple to use but have limited functionality. 



Any number of Sensors or Call Buttons can be linked to one or more text pagers (and each sensor can be programmed to send a unique message). 



The Alert Tracker - A digital monitoring solution  

The Alert Tracker is a small tablet which can receive signals from multiple sensors, including any combination of the following sensors: ‘Bed-leaving’ and  ‘Bed--occupancy’, ‘Chair-leaving’, ‘Convulsion’, ‘Motion’, ‘Door-opening’, Door-bells and Call buttons.

The Alert Tracker is easy to use, connecting to a Wifi network (or directly to a router using an Ethernet cable) and will display any current alert as well as a list of recent alerts. Its versatility means that it’s great in either a domestic or professional environment.

Domestic Use
The Alert Tracker is ideal for household use: it’s simple to use and will let you know if battery charge is running low. In particular, it has a facility to send texts and to make calls to landlines which means that friends or family can alerted to potential problems if they’re away at work, at the shops or even on holiday abroad.

Nursing Homes
The Alert Tracker will allow a data from the sensors to be viewed more easily, to give a detailed picture of the activity within a care home. This information can be used for audit purposes to assess the performance of the care team or, if something were to go wrong, the stored data record could be invaluable in investigating an incident. Key features include:
~ recording of sensor activity, so that multiple sites can be monitored from the same account.
~ a centralised log of low battery alerts and sensor status.
~ Mobile and web access to allows managers to keep track of alerts remotely.
~ Analysis of activity, including nurse response times, to help evaluate workload and plan staffing requirements

Whether it’s needed for home-use or in a care home setting, the fact it can be purchased with a one-off payment, and no subsequent contract fees, makes it a simple and effective choice.

The Base Station

A simple way to receive alerts wherever you are

The new Frequency Precision ‘Base Station’ can be linked to one or more sensors and send an alert to a mobile phone via a FREE app. This makes it a great way for a carer to receive alerts wherever they are in the world.

The Base Station’s easy to install and setup:

  1. Connect the base station to a router using the supplied 1.8m Blue (RJ45) cable – simply, plug one end into the Base Station and the other into the internet router.
  2. Connect to the mains power socket using the supplied 1.8m power cable.
  3. Download the free App, which works on both Android or Apple devices, then simply register the base station with the app using the supplied password.

Download the free app from our website.

Once it’s up and running, the Base Station receives signals from the chosen sensors (such as Push Button, Falls Alert, Bed Occupancy and Door sensors) and sends them to a phone. It’s easy use and there are no subscriptions - just a one-off payment for the equipment. There’s unlimited use of the mobile phone app on multiple phones so several people can receive alerts. It comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

View Base Station instructions  View Base Station data sheet 

One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker

This 2 in 1 device is ideal for people who are able to leave their home but are at risk of becoming lost, for instance those with mild dementia. It can act as both a push-button alarm to allow the user to call for help and as a GPS tracker to help carers to locate the user wherever they are.

  1. Pendant alarm function: pressing the SOS button will cause the pendant to dial a pre-set telephone number. The pendant has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing a 2-way conversation with a carer.
  2. GPS Tracker: using a smartphone app a carer can locate the pendant with a high degree of accuracy. Security is maintained by a 10 digit pendant ID number and a password.

How does it work?

The ‘One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker’ (pendant) is an easy to use pre-programmed phone, which allows the user to call pre-set phone numbers at the press of a single SOS button. In addition, as it’s a phone, those pre-set numbers can call the pendent itself - dialling the number will cause it to ring like a telephone and allow a 2-way conversation.

The pendant itself uses its own SIM card, which will need to be purchased (either as a pay-as-you-go or as a monthly rolling contract). The SIM card will need credit to be able to make calls - the amount of credit used each month will depend on how often calls are made and how long they last. The device uses minimal data for the GPS function (approximately 50mb per month).

The GPS tracker works through an app which is downloaded onto the carer(s) smartphone. The person who has the pendant doesn't need a smartphone.

Like other phones, the pendant has a battery which will need charging every couple of days using the supplied charger. The remaining battery charge can be reviewed by logging onto the app or website. The device will also send low battery alert TEXTS to the pre-set numbers.

 There is a just a one-off cost to buy the pendant. Using the app or logging into the website is FREE - after that there’s no contract with us or on-going fees.

  1. Buy a SIM card. The device will automatically work using SIM cards provided by the following networks: EE, 02, Three, Vodafone (other networks can be used, but extra advice on set-up may be required)
  2. Insert the SIM card into the pendant.
  3. Download the smartphone app "Any Tracking". DOWNLOAD APP NOW
  4. Set a number which the GPS tracker will call when the SOS button is pressed.
  5. Set a number which the GPS tracker will text with low battery alerts (or if the SOS button is pressed).
  6. Two backup numbers can also be added, which the GPS tracker will call in sequence if the first number is engaged or unavailable. If the call is answered by an answering machine, this will prevent the GPS tracker from moving to the next number.
  7. You can control who is able to make calls to the pendant and view the location of the pendant on a map.

Technical features

~ Network Connectivity (4G GSM / 3G / 2G)
~ GPS + LBS + Wifi tracking
~ Waterproof IP67
~ Talking clock
~ Low battery alerts
~ Ringtone to find the pendant
~ Calls up to 3 numbers
~ Texts 1 number (main monitoring user)
~ Weight 41g
~ Battery 600mAh
~ Battery life 2 days when set to 10-minute refresh interval
~ Charge time 1.5 - 2 hours (supplied with USB charging cable)
~ Size: 59(L)*45.3(W)*16(H)m

View more information and a detailed user guide



Wireless Interface for Call Systems

A wireless receiver can be plugged into an existing nurse call point. Compatible systems include:

  • Medicare
  • Courtney-Thorne
  • Aidcall
  • C-Tec
  • Intercall
  • Quantec
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