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Ceiling Track and Gantry Hoists

Ceiling track hoists and gantry hoists are sophisticated hoisting technologies that have become integral to modern patient care, addressing the challenges associated with mobility and transfer of individuals with limited physical capabilities. They are usually very easy to use.

Ceiling track hoists (CTHs)

These consist of a track system mounted on the ceiling and a hoisting unit which will move along the track. The hoisting unit typically includes a lifting mechanism and attachment points for slings or harnesses.

CTHs are designed for efficient and seamless patient transfers within a designated area, such as a hospital room, nursing home, rehabilitation unit or the home of the hoist user.

Benefits of CTHs

Space Optimisation: CTHs are renowned for their ability to maximise floor space. The overhead track eliminates the need for floor-based equipment, allowing for unobstructed movement and creating a safer environment for both patients and caregivers.

Customisation: The track system can be customized to suit the specific layout of a healthcare facility. This adaptability ensures that patients can be transferred effortlessly between different areas, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and therapy rooms.

Reduced Physical Strain: The motorised nature of CTHs significantly reduces the physical strain on carers during transfers. The smooth and controlled movement along the track enhances safety and minimises the risk of injuries to both patients and healthcare professionals.

Track Turntable: is designed to connect two crossing track routes.


Installation and Maintenance: Proper installation of the ceiling track system is crucial for its functionality and safety. Regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to ensure that the hoist operates smoothly and meets safety standards.

Training: Healthcare professionals must undergo thorough training to operate ceiling track hoists effectively. Understanding the nuances of the system, including safety protocols and emergency procedures, is essential for providing optimal care.

Ceiling Track


Gantry Hoists

Gantry hoists are freestanding structures that consist of a horizontal beam supported by vertical legs. The hoist is mounted on the horizontal beam and can move horizontally along its length.

Gantry hoists are versatile and can be used in various settings, offering a flexible solution for patient transfers. If requirements change the gantry can be reconfigured or moved.

Portable hoists: Although most hoists connect directly to the ceiling or gantry rail, some will connect via a clip making them easy to detach and re-attach, which means that they can be easily moved from one gantry to another, maximising their versatility.

Hoist connected directly to the rail


Portability: Gantry hoists are portable and can be moved to different locations within a building. This flexibility makes them suitable for when a permanent ceiling track may not be feasible or cost-effective.

Adaptability: Gantry hoists are adaptable to different room layouts and patient needs. The horizontal beam can be adjusted to accommodate various transfer needs, providing a customized solution.

Cost-Effective: The versatility and ease of installation of Gantry hoists make them a cost-effective alternative to ceiling track systems.

Portable hoist with a clip, making it easy to attach and re-attach to the rail


Space Requirements: While gantry hoists offer flexibility, they do require floor space for proper setup. Careful consideration of room layout and available space is essential in making the correct choice.

Stability: Gantry hoists must be set up on stable and level surfaces to ensure safety during patient transfers. Regular checks on the stability of the structure are essential for preventing accidents.

Our services

We are able to offer a comprehensive Moving and Handling solution, whether you wish to purchase a hoist and need it to be installed. We can also offer other essential services:

RENTAL of either a portable ceiling hoist alone, or in combination with a full gantry set up. This is a great option if the hoist is only required for a few months.

TRAINING: staff using hoists need appropriate training - contact us to find out about our training courses or about hiring our fully equiped training suite.

MAINTENANCE & LOLER - hoists and sling need LOLER testing every 6 months and if there are problems will need maintenance. Contact us to learn more

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