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Seating Overview

Buying a chair might seem straight-forward, but when the user has health or mobility issues this is not always the case. Our seating solutions are designed to meet a wide variety of health needs, whether they are short-term or long-term. Learn more about how many people are having problems rising from their seat.

The right choice of chair can improve comfort, mobility, circulation and quality of life, for instance by making it easier to stand up.

Each person is different and listed below are some hypothetical situations to illustrate the options that might be available to customers with different healthcare needs:

  • Find out about some of the seating choices available to someone who has recently had a hip replacement, and how we can help you find the best solution.
  • Sometimes someone must spend long periods in their chair, the right seating is essential for comfort and even safety as pressure sores can develop. Find out the choices available to someone who has had a stroke which has left them unable to walk.
  • A more versatile product may help someone with disability regain lost function. For instance, a Bambach Saddle Stool can give the user the ability to move around while seated

We could provide many other examples of how individual customers have very specific seating requirement and that’s why you can see several categories of seats at our showroom:


High Back Chairs

Sometimes known as fireside chairs, they promote a good anatomic posture and help the user rise to standing more easily than a low armchair. Depending on the covers and cushion they may be used in either clinical or domestic settings.
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Riser Recliners

A riser recliner can help make standing up easier and safer at the touch of a button. The recline action of the chairs also means you can put your feet up and relax.  These are ideal for the home use.
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CarePlus Chairs

Our riser recliner healthcare chairs are designed to improve posture and provide pressure relief for users with complex clinical needs. They are covered in breathable material which makes disinfection easy to reduce infection risk.
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Portachairs have most of the benefits of a healthcare chair, but enable the user to be moved around while seated. They are particularly suited to people with very limited mobility.
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Bambach Saddle Seat

This ergonomic seating can help with back or balance problems.
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Other Seating Solutions

We sell as other seating products such as pressure relieving cushions and the revolutionary SitnStand portable riser.  
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We recognise that as well as the health benefits, you will want a chair which is attractive, and we chose our seats to look good. If you prefer you can specify the exact fabric and colour that you want, and we will arrange for it to be made according to your wishes.

Our fully trained and experienced staff are on hand to help with any questions you might have and help you to find the chair you need.

To really understand what these seats do, and which one might be right for you, come down and see for yourself. We'll carry out a full seating assessment free of charge. If you find it difficult to travel, we can arrange a home visit by one of our qualified ‘Trusted Assessors’.

You may even discover other products you never knew existed which greatly improve the comfort and practicality of your scooter. We have ample FREE PARKING right next to our mobility shop to make your visit as easy as possible. To talk to one of our qualified advisors, call us on 020 8805 2020.         How to find our Showroom

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