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Scenarios - Would a Perching Stool help a lady with Multiple Sclerosis?

A 39-year-old lady with recently diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been left with some mild weakness in her legs but is able to walk with the help of a stick. She is generally coping reasonably well and should shortly be returning to her work based in an office. However, she enjoys cooking for her young family and is finding it difficult to stand in the kitchen for longer periods.

A neighbour has advised that she buys a perching stool. Is this the best option for her?

A height-adjustable perching stool is a straightforward option that allows the user to sit closer to the standing position . Perching stools are often used to relieve fatigue in a kitchen or bathroom where the work-surfaces are too high to be reached using a normal chair.

However, before purchasing a stool it is important to make sure that it is safe. We would recommend trying the stool to make sure that the user’s balance is adequate. If there is any doubt, the perching stool can be specified with arms and a back or, ultimately, we might advise against purchasing one at all. 


Perching Stool

Perching Stool with arms and back

One limitation of a perching stool is that it is static, so the user has to get up and carry it if they want to move from one area of the kitchen to another. At Fortuna we also stock the Bambach Saddle Seat which is a more sophisticated alternative. It has castors so it can move around the kitchen to suit your needs. It is also easily height adjustable using a handle at the side of the stool, making it easier to reach both high and low cupboards without getting up.

Bambach at kitchen worktop

Perching stool at kitchen worktop

Bambach being used in the kitchen

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