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Walking Frames + Rollators

A walking stick may not give you sufficient support when you’re walking, and you may need something to help with stability and give you a little extra confidence with balance and to reduce effort the effort of walking.

At our mobility showroom in Enfield, North London, we have large number of walking aids, including walking frames and different sorts of rollator, on display for you to browse and ‘try before you buy’. Our fully trained and experienced staff are on hand to help with any questions you might have and help you to find the walking frame or rollator you need.

These products can be grouped into three broad groups:

  • Walking Frames
  • 3-wheel Rollators also sometimes known as Tri-walkers
  • 4-wheel Rollators

Walking Frames

The simplest option is a walking frame which comes in several forms:

  • Zimmer frames generally have four legs each with a rubber ferrules for extra grip on the ground.  Because the do not have wheel and have to be lifted at each step they require reasonable arm-strength. Our frames are height adjustable as having the walking frame set at the correct height is essential. We sell two widths of frame to suit different users - a wider base will tend to be a little more stable but a narrower one, will tend to be easier to manoeuvre around the home, for example through doorways. 
  • Two-wheeled walking frames (also known as 2-wheeled walkers) have wheels on the two front legs – the back legs have rubber ferrules. They’re used by lifting the two back feet clear of the ground as you move forward, requiring less arm strength than a non-wheeled walker, where the whole frame has to be lifted up. The back legs act as a brake weight bears down through the frame. This type of wheeled walker tends to be suited to use around the home.  They come in a variety of heights or widths to suit the 
  • Folding walking frames without wheels can be folded up smaller than a normal frame so it’s easier to fit into the boot of a car or stored in a cupboard when not in use. However, because these walking frames have several joints, they may not feel quite as sturdy as non-folding ones and may be a little more expensive to buy. Different sizes are available. 

Zimmer Frame

2-Wheel Walking Frame

Folding Walking Frame

Folded Walking Frame


  • If a walker only has wheels, it is known as a rollator and are more suited to getting around outside the home. At Fortuna Mobility we sell both three and four-wheel versions.
  • Rollators allow for a more fluent walking rhythm than frames which often result stop-start walking style.
  • Rollators tend to be used outdoors, as they’re generally bulkier than other walkers, and have large wheels with air-filled tyre that cope better on uneven surfaces. However, there are also smaller walkers with three or four wheels, designed primarily for indoor use.
  • All our rollators can be folded for convenience.

3-wheel Rollators (also referred to as a Tri-walker)

These are the simplest and lightest rollators and some people find the three-wheeled models easier to turn, but they can also feel less stable. The seat folds with a hinge at the front and will be height adjustable. Most come with an integral bag but we also sell a version with a built-in seat, so you can stop and have a rest if you get tired whilst walking.

Picture: 3-Wheel Rollator

4-wheel Rollator - Front-Back Folding

4-wheel Rollator Sideways-Folding

Ultracompact Rollator

4-wheel Rollators

These are the most common sort of rollator and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nearly all of them come with integral seats and carrier bag.

The most common varieties fold either front to back or side to side and we stock a large types to suit most needs.

In addition to the more common types we also stock several more specialised types such as:

  • Ultracompact – a great rollator which folds up really small to help with fitting it into a car boot
  • Dual purpose Rollator / Wheelchair – this can switch between in an instant so if you become too tired to walk, someone can push you.
  • Rollator / shopping trolley – designed with a particularly large (29litre) shopping basket. Like most rollators it will fold up and comes with an integral seat and brakes.

Dual Purpose Rollator and Wheelchair

Shopping Trolley and Rollator

TOPRO Rollator

U-step Neuro

Focus brands:

  • Topro – This range comprises a variety of rollators and forearm walkers.
  • U-step (neuro) is a highly engineered rollator, specifically designed for people with neurological conditions such as stroke, MS or Parkinson’s, as it’s particularly stable and has special reverse brake system. Moreover, it can be purchased with a ‘Cue’ system which has both laser and metronome functions to overcome ‘freezing’.

Accessories for walkers

There are several accessories that may be compatible with wheeled walkers. These include:

  • bags and baskets, especially useful for going to the shops
  • trays or caddies, usually used for taking food from the kitchen to the living room.
  • walking stick holders/clips.

There are fewer accessories suitable for use with walkers without wheels, because they need to be lifted and so aren’t kept level: trays, for example, aren’t viable.

If you need more help to get around than  can be provided by walking frame or rollator, you may want to consider other options, such as a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Visit us and see for yourself! You may even discover products you never knew existed. We have lots of FREE PARKING right next to our mobility shop to make your visit as easy as possible. Talk to one of our qualified advisors or e-mail us for further information.

Caddy for Walking Frame

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