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Exercise Equipment for the Elderly

Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle whatever your age, but as we get older it’s even more important to stay active. In our view you should try to build activity and exercise into your daily routine. Therefore, even our equipment that is not designed specifically for exercise but just to keep you mobile and independent (like walking sticks and rollators) will promote activity and hence exercise. Try to walk as much as you can, if this uncomfortable for you, walking in a swimming pool allows you to exercise while putting less stress on your feet, legs and back.

At Fortuna Mobility, we recognise that many of our customers want to exercise and stay active but are unsure how to do it safely and in a way that they can manage. This is where our range of exercise equipment for the elderly and disabled comes in!

For those with very mild symptoms who are keen to carry on with their existing sporting activity, we sell products which will make it easier for you to exercise; examples of this include our Fortuna Activity Gloves which can help with grip, Fortuna Sports Supports can improve comfort and Kinesiology tape can provide support to muscles and joints, without restricting the range of motion and at the same time facilitating the body's natural healing process.

Those with reduced mobility may longer be able to participate in sport and find that traditional methods of exercise or gym equipment may not be suitable. There are products which help continue with active exercise, examples include:

  • gel exercise balls which improve grip strength and suppleness.
  • pedal exercisers (which may be either mechanical or electrical) are a convenient way to increase cardiopulmonary activity as they can be used while sitting down.

Gel Exercise Balls

Peddle Exerciser

Fortuna Sports Support

Fortuna Activity Gloves

Some people who sit for long-periods may find a pedal exerciser is not right for them. As an alternative, we can offer Happylegs, the seated walking machine. This enables the user to enjoy the benefits of walking from the comfort of their chair. This piece of equipment moves the legs up and down, improving circulation and stimulating muscles. There are a choice of speed settings and there is an optional remote control to make it easier to change.

Why not come along to our mobility showroom and try out some exercise equipment for the elderly and disabled? Our friendly team will be there to guide you through the equipment available and help you to discover a way of exercising that you can enjoy.

We have ample FREE PARKING available at our showroom, making it easy and convenient for you to come and see us. We’ll also put the kettle on for you when you arrive!

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