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Furniture Raisers

Furniture raisers are extremely simple yet extremely effective. They may not look complicated, but these clever devices can make a huge difference to someone’s daily life – potentially easing pain, boosting mobility, and allowing them to retain their independence.

Essentially, furniture raisers are blocks that physically raise the height of the furniture, making it much easier to get up. We have bed raisers to help get up in the morning, and chair raisers to help to rise from a chair. Because they’re supported by a solid frame, our furniture raisers are safe, sturdy, and reliable. The height can be adjusted so they can be set up to raise the furniture by the correct amount for the user.

In many cases the furniture raisers are prescribed by healthcare professionals (in Enfield and Haringey this is through the TCES scheme).  (We work closely with healthcare teams and regularly host furniture-raising refresher courses). Typically for each prescription, the OT or physiotherapist will let us have an exact product specification including product code (such as the all-purpose FU01 or FU02) together with information about the individual seating needs. Our technician will deliver the product and if requested will also fit it.

In some circumstances you may not be eligible for a prescription or you may need a more specific product, such as the Leg-X (because the bottom of the raisers are rounded, they are particularly useful if the furniture legs are angled or if your wish to slide the whole desk more easily) or the new Suregrip multipurpose furniture raisers (these are very versatile and easy to use).

Before purchasing furniture raisers, we would strongly advise you to come and talk to us – if possible, take photos of the furniture and measure the height of the furniture as well as width and shape of the legs or castors. We can nearly always come up with a solution if we have the right information. Finally, we need to know about the person who will be using the furniture, their build and how active they are. If possible, they should visit so we can make a proper assessment.





Anyone with mobility issues will appreciate the vital importance of retaining their independence. And when they’re unable to rise from beds or chairs without assistance, it’s all too easy to feel helpless. But with the right bit of equipment their lives can be improved, simply through making it much easier to go about their day by themselves.

Why not pop in and see us in person? Our friendly staff are all trained and experienced mobility experts. They’ll be more than happy to take the time to understand your needs before recommending just the right furniture raising equipment for you.

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