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SitnStand for Wheelchair Users

'SitnStand for Wheelchairs' is a simple, safe and easy-to-use device which helps the user stand from a wheelchair, making the transfer of a person to and from a wheelchair as effortless as possible. It has been designed to work with nearly all types of wheelchair.

Designed for Independence

This lift chair is suitable for those who require wheelchairs to assist with their mobility needs. The elderly and people with disabilities are helped to sit down and stand up from their wheelchairs, safely and independently.

Social isolation can be a serious problem for many people and the ease of using a wheelchair provided by SitnStand will open up new opportunities to get around in the home, garden and wider world with dignity and confidence. People and experiences that might have been lost will once again be available to the user.

Made for Comfort

Made using viscoelastic memory foam that moulds to the body's shape, the 'SitnStand for Wheelchairs' helps the user to sit comfortably for long periods; consequently, trips to the shops,  park or doctor's can be undertaken with confidence. Moreover, in contrast to other transfer systems, it can stay in place without having to be installed and removed at each transfer, which improves ease of use, comfort and dignity.


Simple-to-use Hand Control


Convenient Battery Pack

SitnStand Wheelchair Accessories:

The following accessories are provided as standard:
> Rechargeable battery
> Battery charger

Taking away the strain from Carers

Transferring wheelchair-bound people can be a physically arduous procedure, but with 'SitnStand for Wheelchairs', caregivers stand back and watch while the user makes the transfer unaided. If the carer suffers from back problems or weakness this will make their life much easier.


Weight Allowance:
Up to 180kg

Simple to Use:
With full control  

Rechargeable Battery:
Lasts for 4-7 days 

Safe Horizontal

SitnStand Wheelchair

Price ex VAT £450

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Battery - SitnStand

Price ex VAT £97

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SitnStand Charger

Price ex VAT £39

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SitnStand Carrier Bag

Price ex VAT £39

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