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Ornamin products incorporate intelligent design which creates Innovative solutions to improve the users’ ability to feed themselves

The stylish designs help remove the stigma of using ‘special’ crockery, helping people regain self-esteem and independence in everyday life while easing stress and strain for patients and staff.

This high-quality tableware made of 100% recyclable BPA-free plastic which feels just as ‘up-market’ as normal porcelain, but:
- lasts significantly longer
- is lighter
- is quieter to use
- break-resistant

Fortuna is an official UK partner with Ornamin, so if you want to learn more about the range and how it might work for you, contact us and we'll be happy to help. Or come and see the products for yourself at our showroom.


Why nutrition matters - malnutrition is a common problem for older people, including care home residents and hospital patients. A recent quality report (MDK, Germany) highlighted alarming results of patients/residents in long-term care:

- Out of 85,237 people examined, 7.6% had a significant weight loss
- 4% of all residents needed nutritional help
- Problems were not adequately addressed by staff in 10.7% of these residents

Potential causes of malnutrition:
- Age-related changes – with decreasing appetite and sensory changes
- Physical limitations – some older people can have problems with lifting, chewing or swallowing
- Social circumstances can mean that some people are left without adequate prepared food.
- Serious or chronic illness can result in loss of appetite, pain or weakness
- Some medications can result in loss of appetite, dry mouth, nausea, feeling of fullness
- Cognitive deterioration can be associated with reduced ability to take in enough food.

The management of nutrition is a core task for carers. Recognising why problems might arise is crucial, so the right solutions can be put place. However patience and understanding is always important, as is providing a stimulating and pleasant environment and serving the right food in a form that can be managed and enjoyed. The Ornamin range can help people eat with greater independence and dignity, making everyone’s life a little bit easier and happier.

We don‘t eat slowly, we enjoy longer

About Ornamin

Founded over 60 years ago, Ornamin is a market leader in eating and drinking aids. They supply more than 2000 care institutions around the world and therefore have extensive expertise in the requirements and needs of both residents and staff.

In collaboration with OTs and nurses, they have developed a range of attractive, intelligent and functional crockery for people with a wide spectrum of disabilities. All products are "Made in Germany” to a superior standard with high quality materials which are 100% recyclable.

The Ornamin Mission:
- To provide invisible support through intelligent design
- To remove embarrassment about using adaptive crockery
- To protect future generations using long-lasting and recyclable materials

Ornamin aids can help people, their families and carers. Using Ornamin products will indicate a caring and safe approach at any CQC inspection.

Mugs with Internal Cone

Single Handle

Mugs with Internal Cone

Double Handle

Thermal Mugs

Single Handle

Thermal Mugs

Glow in the Dark

Lids for Cups & Mugs

5 types (universal fit)

Plates & Bowls

Sloping & 'Keep Warm'


Prep Board


Style & Funtion


“We have been really thrilled with the response to our ORNAMIN Mugs with internal cone. Since I first saw ORNAMIN at the Care Show I was really taken by the look of quality – and that is what has been so important to me in our ‘hunt’ for the best products – something longer lasting but that looks like restaurant quality. ORNAMIN certainly ‘ticked that box’. We also ordered the classic style mugs 300 ml – at first I was a little concerned that the white ones might look and feel a bit like cheap plastic BUT the feedback has been outstanding. The elderly people who we provide services for love them – every comment was how light and easy to use they are. I certainly get it myself – I’ve used them and really understand how they would feel. And – as for the blackberry mug – we all just adore the colour and people are loving them (They look like a takeaway Costa coffee as well which makes me smile)!”
Tui Shirley (The Oasis Care Home)

“The majority of our day guests exhibits signs of dementia, both physically and mentally. The tableware range with supportive features by ORNAMIN enables everyone to eat independently. In addition, our day guests have chosen to drink more often since we started using the red cups by ORNAMIN. This is a huge advantage because the desire to drink often declines in old age. This is why I would be happy to recommend the tableware by ORNAMIN to our guests‘ families for use at home.”        
Anne, manager of a day care center

“In our self-help group for children who have had strokes and their parents, eating with a disability is a recurring theme. I came across ORNAMIN tableware through some acquaintances. Many affected families in our self-help group now use SCHAKI, the plate with the sloped base, the cup with non-slip flower and the non-slip board by ORNAMIN. The invisible supportive features enable self-sufficient eating in spite of motor restrictions and make the everyday life of people who have suffered strokes easier.” 
Anja, leader of a self-help group                          


“In the first few years following my stroke, I was very tired and floppy. It was difficult for me to go through everyday life only using the left and a not fully functional right hand. On some days I can now even hold things steady with my left hand and cut with my right. It‘s really hard but I practice a lot. ORNAMIN tableware really helps me in this. It makes my everyday life easier and gives me a bit of independence back because I‘m no longer dependent on other people – that‘s what I call freedom. 
Birte, stroke patient

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