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Lorna’s Story, or how we helped her family stop buying chairs

Lorna’s daughter came to our showroom to look at our range of riser recliner chairs. This was the first time she had visited us and to start with, she was quite tentative and cautious, however as we chatted her mother’s story gradually emerged.

Lorna was in her late seventies and was suffering from mild dementia and some mobility problems – she could get around the house with a frame but found it difficult to get up from her chair. Her family had been told about riser recliner chairs and had visited a furniture retailer who had been more than happy to sell them one off the shelf. Her mobility had definitely been helped by the new chair, however unfortunately her dementia had also caused a problem with urinary incontinence and after a few months the fabric and cushioning of the chair had started to smell and after a year her family had replaced the chair with a new one. The same thing happened again but this time she had spoken to someone who had told her to come and see us.

We always try find solutions to people’s problems and in Lorna’s case we came up with two. Firstly, she could buy another riser recliner chair and use continence products (for instance, chair pads or ‘Pull Ups’) to protect the chair. However, we thought a much better solution would be to buy a healthcare chair which combines the functionality of a riser recliner with breathable wipeable fabric which would not absorb the urine and therefore would not need changing every year.

The next day Lorna’s daughter brought her to the showroom to try a healthcare chair. We measured her up for a ‘tailor-made’ chair made specifically for her in a size which fitted her properly and she was able to choose a colour that matched her other furniture.

We’re not expecting her to have to buy a new chair for many years.



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