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Scenarios - A 71yr old man with Parkinson’s is finding it harder to walk due to ‘freezing’. Is there any equipment which might help?

This man has had Parkinson’s for several years and it is getting gradually more difficult to manage. His CNS and doctor have been adjusting his medication to try and achieve an effect on his symptoms without causing too many side effects. However, recently he has been having trouble with ‘freezing’ so he finds it harder to start walking.

He has bought equipment from us in the past, and his son has brought him in to see if there is anything we might be able to offer.

This is not an easy problem and we would always stress the importance of discussion with Healthcare Professionals. Indeed, we would always be very pleased, to carry out a joint assessment, in the showroom or at home.

However, we may be able to offer practical solutions which may help with some of the most troublesome symptoms. We have over 1000 products available in the showroom with many more readily available by special order. In this case we would need to assess the severity of the freezing as well as how much the patient’s balance is affected.

For instance, if balance remains good and the main problem is freezing then our LaserCane Walking Stick comes with laser technology and a metronome function which help initiate the first step. 

laser cane

Topro Troja Neuro Rollator

U-Step Rollator

Lightweight Wheelchair

If balance is also a problem then a rollator can be considered. If freezing is relatively mild then a high quality rollator with reverse brakes (such as the Topro Troja Neuro) might be enough, however in this case freezing is more prominent and the best option might be the U-Step rollator which has been specifically designed for Parkinson’s, with the option of laser technology to help overcome ‘freezing’ and a unique 7-wheel  U-shaped design that surrounds the user while walking for greater stability.

If walking has become too difficult, even with a walking aid,  a wheelchair may be an option and we sell an extensive range, from simple transit chairs to more sophisticated options.

Finally, if the best solution is not clear or needs are changing, a Rental option can be considered

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