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Why Choose Fortuna?

Often this will be the first time you buy this sort product and you won’t even know what questions to ask. Think of buying a car: it’s expensive but you know what it does, and you’ll have a fair idea of what’s important to you. Maybe you want it to look good or have plenty of space or low running costs; it can be difficult to make the right choice but at least you know what’s important for you.

However, many of the products we sell may be high value, specialised and should be tailored to your needs of the user. You may know very little about scooters, riser recliner chairs or ramps and so it’s not easy to make the right choice.  

Read some hypothetical ‘Scenarios’ which we’ve created to highlight the difficulties involved in making the right decision.  We have great experience of these complex decisions which are helped by face to face discussions with a human being!


Why not buy online?

Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware!

Buying online can be cheap and convenient for some simple items, but if isn’t necessarily the best way when making complex choices.

You should also consider that although most internet sellers are professional and reputable, there have been some high-profile cases of rogue traders in this sector. Don’t become an internet casualty, we see too many people who have wasted money and purchased a product that does not help them.

Read Brian’s story, or how the internet blocked his hall to learn how easy it is to make a costly mistake when buying a an expensive product online.

At Fortuna Mobility trust is key to everything we do.       

Key Advantages

When you Buy:

  • Convenience
    We are located just of the A10 in Enfield, with plenty of free parking
  • Advice
    Our expert ‘Trusted Assessors’ can advise on what product best suits you need
  • Assessment & Fitting
    Sometimes a product needs to be made to measure – choosing equipment of the wrong type or size or failing to set it up properly can result in you wasting your money
  • Setup
    We don’t just let you struggle – if you purchase needs setting up we’ll always be there to help
  • Assurance of Quality (value for money)
    We choose our product range, based on quality and value for money
  • 1-month FREE insurance available on many products
    Read by visiting our Mark Bates page

Peace of Mind

  • Aftercare
    Good aftercare starts at delivery. We’ll not only deliver the product but make sure it’s up and running for you and if you have any problems on questions you know where we are!
  • FREE servicing for the first year
    If you buy equipment from us that needs servicing, we will carry it out free during the first year
  • HALF-PRICE servicing and repair
    If you buy equipment from us that needs servicing, after the first free year we will charge half-price thereafter
  • The Right Choice
    Buying from a company you can trust means that you can be confident that you haven’t made a mistake
  • Buy Back
    If you no longer need your equipment, we will buy it back from you (see Terms & Conditions for more details)
Visit our Showroom & Training Centre

We stock a wide range of products, with over 1000 lines available in the showroom.
Come and TRY out the products to see what suits your needs.
Our friendly highly-trained staff will help you make a choice which is right for you.

  • We're located just off the A10,
    less than 10 minutes from the North Circular or M25
  • 5-minute walk from Southbury Road Station
  • Level access showroom & Accessible toilets
  • Free local delivery available
  • Home assessments and delivery can be arranged
  • FREE PARKING in our large car park


Call us on 020 8805 2020 to speak to a trained advisor
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