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Our Customer Stories
25 June 2019

Our Customer Stories

A lot of websites look great and have a lot of detailed product specifications. However, we wanted to do something more and highlight our customers and their needs; so, you'll find pages about 'Medical Conditions' which we hope you'll find informative. We've also created hypothetical, but entirely plausible 'Scenarios', to show how to approach buying specialist equipment, without making a mistake. We'll look at these in more detail in future posts.

However, in this posting we want to introduce our Customer Stories which aim to illustrate the benefits and challenges of buying the right equipment. These are all based on real people and real events. We've changed the names and some of the details for reasons of privacy and to make the stories flow better but all are fundamentally true.

The stories are an eclectic mix, reflecting our experiences, but we feel that they help understand what we can offer, and also the pitfalls of buying things in this complicated sector. We've also linked the stories to the relevant medical conditions and equipment so, for instance:

Jane’s Story, or how she saw her friends again tells of how renting a portachair greatly improved the quality of life of an elderly lady with dementia and there are links from 'Healthcare Chairs + Portachairs' + 'Rental' pages.

Brian’s story, or how the internet blocked his hall illustrates the dangers of buying online without taking expert advice. It can be accessed from 'Why not buy online?' section of Why Choose Fortuna? and Scooters

On a more positive note Jean’s Story, or how knitting healed her foot shows how taking the time to understand a customer's needs, combined with our product experience, lead to the suggestion of trying a Happylegs seated-walker. Jean had never heard of Happylegs and yet this solved her problem.

A very common situation is to see someone we are sure we can help with the right equipment, but who are often very reluctant to even try it. Adelina's Story, or how her daughter persuaded her to love her walking aid tells how a daughter's determination overcame her mother's doubts and convinced her that our equipment really can help.

You can see more stories on our Customer Experience page, and we'll add new ones as they arise.


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